Sunday, November 13, 2005

Saturday Six

Picture from Hometown

1. You are invited to spend a night, alone, in a large house that is believed to be haunted.  A close friend of yours whom you trust tells you of his or her own experience, and you have sufficient reason to believe that there may be a genuine haunting going on there.  Without promise of any kind of reward for staying the night, would you agree to do so?

I don't believe in ghosts.  However, if a friend actually had some strange things happen in that house, I'd suspect some person (or persons) was doing things to make it seem like ghosts were there; and I wouldn't want to spend a night there alone.  If I'm going to spend a night in a strange place, it had better be for a darn good reason, such as vacation or a visit with friends. 

2. What do you most enjoy about your job?

My job these days is to see that Cliff is well-fed, and his clothes are washed, folded, and put away.  Oh wait, I do receive some remuneration for babysitting my grandchildren, so I guess that's a job!  What I most enjoy about that is seeing the girls get off the bus after school and come running, full speed, to greet me, with huge smiles on their faces. 

3. Who was the last person you had a conversation with?  What was the main topic of the conversation?

That one is impossible to answer, because we had several people here last night, and I don't recall singling any one person out and talking to him/her. 

4. Take this
quiz:   What kind of "smart" are you?

Socially Smart

As a socially smart person, you are best with others in real-life situations. This type of intelligence is closely linked to being 'street smart.' Theories and suchare not muchconcern: the things that matter tend to be those which you can see, feel, touch - what you can really experience. This knowledge comes to you both out of a natural knowledge, as well as learning from the situations you find yourself in.

60% applied intelligence
20% natural intelligence

5. What was the last food that you totally ruined -- to the point that it was inedible -- when trying to cook?

I can't think of anything in recent years.  The only incident that comes to mind is one time when my mom let me bake a sour-cream chocolate cake (I was about ten years old) and I accidently used salt in place of sugar.  (In those days, housewives kept salt in a "salt-celler", so it wasn't marked.)  Even our chickens wouldn't eat it, and chickens eat anything! 

6. STRANGELY-OBSCURE QUESTION #1:  If you had to do over again, would you change anything?

The only things I'd change would be how I raised my children, because I think they'd both have had an easier time of it if I'd done some things differently.  As for anything else, I wouldn't change one thing, because my actions and choices in the past are what brought me to this point.  And I'm pretty happy with where I am in life right now.

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robinngabster said...

I don't believe in ghosts either!

ora4uk said...

I don't believe in ghosts either...but like you wouldn't spend the night in a strange place...other than friends home....and what a "payday"....smiles five afternoons a week....big bucks huh????? LOL...Hugs...Ora