Monday, November 28, 2005

Our stay at Rena's house

Rena has a lovable four-month-old Dachshund.  It's the first inside dog she's ever had, and she's spoiled rotten.  She attacks the faces of anyone sitting or lying down with puppy-kisses.  Now, I like puppy-kisses.  But some others didn't.  We all had plenty of laughs at the tiny dog, anyway.  Puppies do such funny things; Angel was the center of attention most of the time.

We hadn't been at Rena's for an hour before she and Charlene disappeared into the bedroom to fool around with makeup... two middle-aged ladies feeling like little girls for awhile.

Rena and Al heat excusively with a wood furnace, and their house is so snug and warm, you really forget how cold it is outside. 


lv2trnscrb said...

Angel is so cute, but then I'm partial to small dogs and puppies.

Seems like you had a good meal and time for the holiday :)


madcobug said...

Angel is so cute, How could anyone not love her?
Looks like most of the people are snoozing instead of watching the ballgame LOL.
Dinner looked good and I know all of you enjoyed it. Helen

msecz said...

All I can say is boy those guys sure have it made..... Hope you enjoyed your day as much as they did. The food sure was good I bet... it looks yummy. Sandra

deslily said...

Glad you are home safe and sound!!  I've ridden with my son who also only knows "fast.. and faster".. argh, I look at the floor of the car ALOT!  And then they wonder why i don't know how to get there again.. well duh.. watching the floor might have something to do with it ! lol lol

Glad all went well and you ate plenty and had a good time.. that's what counts!!

I moved my aol UK back to the original spot so all of my journal is back together again.. also mirrored the WHOLE JOURNAL to blogspot.. if nothing else at least I am backed up now.. so something good came out of all of this!

so I'm "back home" at:

and also:

robinngabster said...

NOthing like a good nap with a full tummy in a warm house.

siennastarr said...

Angel is adorable, and looks so cute in her little pink bed! lol  
You all look so comfortable and cozy in all those pics!  Looks like you had a picturesque kind of Thanksgiving, Mosie!  I'm so glad you had a good time, and got there and back, safe and sound!

Thanks for the pics!

You know I just LOVE your pictures!!  I really need to get my digital fixed!  Pictures say so much!


lordofbutter said...

Such a cute puppy!!! Makes me want to trade in the diabetic bionic dog. Okay, no not really, but I was semi-tempted.

bnanajm said...

Welcome home Mosie.  I've missed you.  Seeing all the snow in Wisconsin reminds me of how beautiful my home state really is, but between you and me, you can have it.  Too much snow and too cold.  Your pictures are beautiful as usual.

Glad you had a nice T'giving.


skisseberth said...

Welcome home, Mosie. You were in our prayers as we watched the weather this weekend.  Great pics, and it sure sounds like you had a great time !

astaryth said...

Welcome back... The pictures of the snow are all beautiful (but look too cold for me <g>). Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Angel is absolutely adorable! And Jake... What can I say but magnificent? I love big massive dogs like that... course since I live in an apartment we settle for the corgi <LOL>

vortexgirl said...

I don't mind the kisses just when they get to excited and start thinking that their french.