Monday, November 7, 2005

Patrick's Sunday Seven

Picture from Hometown

Name seven foods that you wouldn't consider your Thanksgiving dinner complete without.

home-made rolls

broccoli and rice casserole

home-made noodles

sweet potatoes

mashed potatoes


pumpkin pie


fmgruber said...

Go away for parts of three days, come back, and over load yer journal!!! This is gonna take me a week to catch up on. LOL. Reads (what I seen so far) you two had one Hell of a good time. A big thumbs up from one reader in Michigan!

gaboatman said...

I hope the Bike is not too hard for Cliff to fix.  What a trip!  Sure sounded like fun.  Ditto on the above foods, but substitue stuffing where you have noodles.

ksquester said...

PERFECT.......I can't wait until Thanksgiving!  Anne

amiragabrielle said...

Hello, I just have a quick question. We lost everything to a fire a few years back. The one thing I miss a lot was my cookbooks. Do you have the recipe for noodles? If so, please post or mail them. I was so glad to hear you all made is back from your trip to Branson. It worries me when people get stranded on the highway. God bless


toonguykc said...

What about the greenbean casserole???  ;)


memes121 said...

Yes, you must have a greenbean casserole. It's the law!