Tuesday, November 1, 2005

The fat season

Well, it's begun.  Halloween, you know, ushers in the "fat season". 

Cliff and I live in the country, and we haven't had any trick-or-treaters for years.  But we always buy a bag or two of candy, "just in case".

Of course, you know who eats the candy, and that gets us started.  Oh yeah.

Less than a month later comes our country's national eating marathon, Thanksgiving.  We have Thanksgiving dinners at work, at Church, at school, and with both sides of the family.  Oh yeah.

In the thirty days following that, we drag out all our recipes for Christmas candies and cookies, and consume mountains of sugar and starches.  And let's not even think about the eggnog.  Oh yeah. 

No wonder, on New Year's Day, all the stores feature diet products in their ads.  No wonder half the nation makes resolutions to lose weight.  After all, we only have ten months before the madness starts again.

Oh yeah.


bookncoffee said...

Oh, yeah...and the fat season brings out our lovely holiday hips.

deslily said...

There is one (and only one) good reason for getting "old"!... we aren't supposed to look like we did when we were 25 anymore!  Grandma's and Grandpa's are "supposed" to have ummmm a little more weight!   Well.. thats MY excuse~!

ora4uk said...

Dear Donna....I just want to take this time to say "thank you"...for bringing to our attention the updates on the upcoming seasons and their pitfalls.....cannot tell you how much I appreciate this endeavor....but don't think it is going to help in any way to curb our "unsatiable appetites"....LOLOLOL....Hugs...Ora

ksquester said...

and may I add..........I am waiting for some good recipes from you.  Anne

marainey1 said...

I don't know about all the rest, but I love it !!!  'On Ya ' -ma

memes121 said...

I just love the holidays!

bnanajm said...

Oh good grief....and I started Weight Watcher 3 weeks ago.  Oh well, I'll do my best.


fmgruber said...

I'm reading, I'm reading evry day. Sheesh? I wonder same thing some times. Let me miss one, somebody tells me. Of course some respounces have slowen some since moving next door. That's there choice. I made mine.

And dear lady, Your're as beautiful as ever.
Feel better now. (Smiles)

emmapeeldallas said...

Hey, I'm blaming my weight gain on my slow metabolism!  :)  (Nevermind that I do exactly what you do with the Halloween candy!)

I love your journal!


grahamfarmga said...

Bring on the sugar!!

csandhollow said...

O yeah!!!!!

ravenlark2 said...

Egads...don't remind me. I was good this year. I didn't buy any candy "just in case" and I have avoided the stores after Halloween that are no doubt selling their excess candy at half off.

I wish I could say Thanksgiving won't be a problem but by the love of all things Sweet Potato, I KNOW it will.

I'm making my New Year's Resolution now....that way I'll have a head start on losing the weight I promise I'll gain. HEHEHEHE