Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"You could grow taters in those ears!"

Yep, every time my mom was getting me cleaned up to go somewhere (usually Church), she'd look in my ears and say, "My goodness, you could grow potatoes in those ears, they're so dirty!"

The image this conjured up in my four-, five-, or six-year-old mind was hilarious, to say the least.  I could picture a magician-like man pulling potatoes out of my ears, the way one such man at a carnival had retrieved quarters from them.

Then I'd think of the lush potato vines in our garden, picture such vines growing from both ears, and cringe a little.

Although I never had an earache in my life, I've had some ear problems for the last few months.  If I'd press against either ear, it was a bit painful.  I couldn't sleep on my left side at night because it hurt my ear too much to press it against my pillow.   Otherwise, I didn't think much about it, although I mentioned it to Cliff a few times.

Yesterday my right ear felt strange, and I stuck my finger in my ear and felt.... something!  ACK!  I called Cliff inside, handed him a flashlight, and had him look in my ear. 

"Oh my Gosh," he said.  "There's a hunk of wax... or something... in there."

He was afraid if we messed with it, we'd shove it down where it might cause some problems, and suggested I call the doctor. 

This morning I saw the nurse-practitioner.  Yep, wax buildup.

I won't even talk about the stuff that emerged from both my ears when the lady flushed them out with water (interesting experience; couldn't she have used warm water?), but it almost looked like little new potatoes.  My childhood nightmare come true.  Thanks, Mother!

At least I can hear better now.


amy122389 said...

Funny, but I bet not so much, for you.  I've got my own horror story about Alex and something stuck up his nose...for ..forever.  Ah, the memory of the poor E.R. doctor as he extracted it.....  Heh...


robinngabster said...

Ack! I had that done once in one ear...some prehistoric black wad of wax came flying out!  Was enough to make me want to puke!

Gabby's doctor used to tease her when checking her ears and tell her she had chicken mcnuggets in there! She was so little she believed him too!

msecz said...

that brought back memories for me too... glad your ears are all better now, Sandra

fmgruber said...

To good for an abbreviation. I am literally laughing my ass off.
Wish I could remember some more of the endearing words our loved ones laid on me growing up.
Still laughing my ass off.
One well put together the words enough pictured in my mind.
LMAO. Fernan

marainey1 said...

So glad you got that fixed.  Hopefully AOL is going to get our journals fixed soon!
Potatos in your ears !  I hadn't heard that one in a long time.  'On Ya' - ma

firestormkids04 said...

My mom used to say that too!  I think I've said it a few times in my life myself.  So glad your ear problem was a fairly easy fix.  Blessings, Penny http://journals.aol.com/firestormkids04/FromHeretoThere

lacaza3 said...

I used to say that to my 10 year old one day I said dang your ears are dirty get me a q-tip. I cleaned his ears and he said did you get a tator...I luaghed because I realize he really thought what I said was true....lol
donna in TEXAS

toonguykc said...

Your hypochondriac friend is here again...  LOL

I'm glad it was just a wax problem and not an infection.  Any infection (of any kind) in your head --  can result in a brain infection which can kill you very quickly.

I probably read too much medical stuff online.  But I can't help myself.

Your friend,

siennastarr said...

My mom used to say the same thing to me!  And.. I've said the same thing to my kids, that's probably why they are fanatics about their ears! lol

I bet you could even hear better once all that wax buildup was out of there!


mombzbe said...

My husband says that to my kids all the time.  While they know they won't really get a tater out of there, they still ask to see the qtip.  Ewwww.  lol

deslily said...

Goodness.. really glad that's all it was!  I had lots of problems when i was very young that i don't remember but my mother told me about.  I was told i was born on the "verge of leukemia" and went to doctors all the time where they "changed my blood one pint at a time".. my mom told me i never cried or made a sound and the doctor was concerned I could be going deaf... anyway as the story goes, on the last visit to the doctor for changing blood, something dropped on the floor in the doctors office and i turned to see what it was.  My mother said the doctor cried when he realized i could hear... i don't know how true it is.. but that's my story and i'm sticking to it! lol...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!



bhbner2him said...

ROFL   Not at your misery, mind you, but at the way you told the story.  Glad your ear can now hear again my dear!  -  Barbara

mutualaide said...

LOL!  Oh my word, I know wax build up can be very painful -- shame on that nurse for cool water -- warm works better.  But, hey, at least the potatoes are gone.  I loved the pictures of the potatoe vines and the finished product.  They remind me of a farm I used to visit where we dug our own potatoes.  Oh, they tasted so good!