Sunday, October 5, 2008

This blog is winding down....

Anne, of Saturday's child, said it so well that I'm not even going to try and improve on it.  So go read her "last post" on AOL HERE, if you haven't already.

My favorite quote from that entry:  "it's much easier to talk about life to strangers who become friends than to lots of friends who are really strangers.  Ordinary people live extraordinary lives."

I've found this to be true about all the folks I've met on AOL, from the early days of the Christian chat rooms right down to the present day, of J-land and Blogspot.

I've already found most of my favorite J-landers in their new digs at Blogspot, and even re-discovered some that I had somehow lost track of.  So this move really isn't so sad after all.  Now if AOL really figures out a way to seamlessly move these old journals to Blogspot, I won't have a single regret about the move.

Oh, you'll find me blogging HERE from now on.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Be sure to follow the journals blog, Magic Smoke.  Vish is keeping us posted on the big fade-out of AOL Journals.  I assume all J-landers are getting the emails giving us more information.  One thing I noticed is that we'd be better off if we didn't start our Blogger site until it's actually time to move... it will be better and easier if we don't already have our new blog up and going. 

Here's what I saw in Magic Smoke:  "I know a lot of you are trying out Blogger by creating blogs. So, when you create a test blog over there, call it something other than the name you want to use for your journal.

The reason I say that is because during the migration (read:copy) process, it will ask you for a blog name on Blogger into which to copy your journal. At which point you might not get the name that you wanted, because you have used it up on the test blog.

Of course, like everything in life there is a way around this, but I do not want to complicate your life any more than it is now. If you are savvy with Blogger then feel free to go and grab a name of your choice. I will show you a way to use that name to migrate your journal later."

I'm pretty sure I'll have to start a different blog, because my Blogger site has been up at going for at least two years.  I doubt very much that the entries from here could be interspersed with the Blogger entries according to date.  I may just entitle a new blog "My Country Life", and not add any new entries... just keep it there for the memories, with its content of the words from my AOL journal.

I'll be glad when this is all over.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You'll Be Fine

This morning I read Jen Lemen's blog, and she introduced me to a singer I've never heard of, singing a "children's song for grownups":  I just now realized it is perfectly fitting for those of us who have gotten a bit depressed about the sad J-land news today.

I promise you will feel better if you listen to THIS, take two aspirins, and call me in the morning.

You can also buy it as a download HERE, and you get to name your price.  How cool is that?

Just breathe. 

... and one more thing

I'm going to start checking my gmail account for email.  My addy there is mosie1944 at (I wrote it that way to discourage bots).

Feel free to use it.  I'll be checking and reading the AOL email as long as it's here, but who knows how long that'll be.


Life goes on

I found some pertinent information about the demise of AOL journals at Magic Smoke.  

According to that source:  "
The good news here is that AOL is working on a migration plan and most likely destination is Blogger. So, you will soon receive another email (I think scheduled to go out Oct 7th) describing the migration process."

I already have a Blogger site, and have been using it for some time; we'll see whether this forces me to make a second blog there or not.  I'm fairly sure some of the pictures (the album format, for example) won't be exported to Blogger.  But that's OK; I have all my pictures stored on my computer.  I would surely hate to lose all the thoughts I've typed out here in the past four years or so, and if only the words I've typed move to Blogger, that's fine with me. 

My opinion, and mine only, is that this is the beginning of the end for AOL.  They've struggled for a long time to make money, and been unable to compete with other forces.  I have a Yahoo email account, and also a Gmail account I've seldom used.  I'll be using those when AOL closes shop.

Readers, trust me on this:  There are lots of nice people on Blogger, and you can get to know them in the same way we've all connected right here.

I do hate to see AOL journals and FTP spaces close.  But life goes on, and we don't have to lose track of one another.  I still read the blogs of several people who left AOL for Blogger, back during the storm about ads on our journals.

You might want to set up a Bloglines account so you'll know when your favorite blogs update.  This is much superior to the AOL alert system, anyhow.  It always works, without filling your email box with a lot of stuff.

AOL journals is closing it's doors

Yep, read the banner ad at the top of this page.  October 31 AOL journals will close.  At least I have my Blogger site

If anyone knows how I can somehow save what I've written on this blog to my computer, please let me know.  I hope it isn't too complicated.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A rewarding day!

Cliff and I went off in search of some shade trees today.  We ended up at Colonial Nursery, south of Blue Springs.  I figured they'd be a little pricey for us, but surely we could afford a couple of trees.  I wanted fast-growing trees with a little size to them.

I'm impressed with the people at Colonial Nursery every time we're there:  they are so knowledgeable and helpful.

Turns out we landed right smack in the middle of a 25%-off tree sale!  We came home with two Autumn Blaze maples, and a Chanticleer Pear
tree, all of them at least ten feet tall.

We also got a start of Pampas grass.  I've always been fascinated with the stuff.  I realize that in some places it's considered an invasive weed, but I'll take my chances.

All of that for less than $100.  I love a bargain.

To make a good day even better, we'd no sooner gotten home than the propane man arrived with a boom truck and moved our tank.  So that unsightly thing is no longer ten feet away from my deck and hot tub.

As icing on the cake of a wonderful day, I checked in with my sister and she's feeling pretty darned well.  She'll see her doctor tomorrow afternoon, but I expect only good news from him

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

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