Wednesday, November 16, 2005

About the J-Land Exodus

At least two-thirds of the journalers that I have on alert here at AOL are leaving in protest of the banner ads at the top of the journals.  That really does make me sad.  I joked about it in a comment at MrsLinklater's, saying now that all the popular folks are leaving, maybe some of the rest of us can win an award.  But I don't care about awards, and I don't like what's happening.

I can keep the links to the new journals these folks have set up outside J-Land, but without the alerts I'm afraid I'll lose touch.

The main reason I'll stay is because I don't want to lose my old entries.  It's a great walk down memory lane, to click on "View Archives", choose a month, and see what I was writing about back then.  That's what will keep me here.  If AOL ever screws up and loses those, I'll be gone so fast it will make your head spin, since the only chat room I care about is the private one where my old friends gather in the evenings, and it's AIM compatable (most of the time).

Anyhow, I'm sad about all this mess.  At least, thanks to Celeste, I can actually post an entry again:  clearing my cache fixed that problem... I think.  I'll find out right now, as I click "send".


robinngabster said...

I am terribly sad over this too. I was actually crying about it...I can only hope it all works itself out.  I am sticking around...glad to hear you are too.

marainey1 said...

I havae to try that clearing thing.  Haven't done that yet.  Thanks for the tip!  'On Ya ' - ma

jspiker said...

I have ALL my AOL entries backed up on a CD. It's easy to cut and paste them into a "word" program. I, like you, enjoy reading my past entries and keep them as a scrapbook to the past.

Thanks for the reminder!

ryanagi said...

The nice thing about blog spot is I can keep the original date of my AOL post when I copy and paste the content over. It will take some work to move 1.5 years of posts, but I'm gonna do it.

lordofbutter said...

I'm keeping the journal, but I'm making it private. I won't allow people to make money off my back and content. It's sad.

That's where I will lay my hat til some kind of amicable resolution hopefully can be found.

siennastarr said...

I haven't been able to post an entry, which is probably a good thing right now.  I am just so sad, literally.  I have been crying all morning, because I feel like my new found Jland friends are going every which way, and I'm just left in the middle of it all, whispering, 'Please don't go....please?"  But, they are all so busy being mad, and trying to prove a point about those damn banners, that no one is listening to me!  AOl isn't gonna care if a few 100 people leave here?  Why should they?  They have plenty of other customers, and besides, the vendors are paying AOL to put their banners up.  I don't particulary like the banners either, but they don't bother me enough to leave.  I can easily ignore them.  
At any rate, I will not be going anywhere either.  I just pray the others come home again..where they belong.  I have been shut out of peoples journals that have suddenly gone private, and I'm just really sad about it all.
Sorry, Mosie.. I'm using your journal as if it's my own, becaues I can't post in mine!


ksquester said...

Well Mosie, It looks like it's YOU and me!  Anne

csandhollow said...

Im here to stay. I have journals at the other places but i do not post in them.
I am keeping track of the non aol journals and aol journals thru blogglines.

memes121 said...

Don't just clear the cache, rebuild the adapter. I am staying. My friends are more important than any AOL ads.