Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Only One

I listen almost exclusively to the folk station on AOL radio these days.  Most of the time I pay little attention to the lyrics, but sometimes a song will jump out at me, demanding my attention.  Then I google the lyrics and stand amazed at what I've heard and read.  These kinds of songs make me want to write songs again.

Only One                              by John Flynn

One night I had the strangest dream;
A young man came to me
And asked what I had done that day 
To end the misery
I asked What difference does it make? 
What good could I have done?
There are too many people,  He said 
"No, there's only one."

One hungry child  
- the one you did not feed
One lonely soul 
The one you did not need
One dying heart
 The heart that did not bleed
For all the things the day has left undone
You can change the world with only one

Now lately I'd begun to fear 
The turning of the earth
With every lap 
Around the solar system since my birth
I'd see my chances to change my life 
Go from slim to none
How many days are left? I asked
He said You need just one

One single day 
-Lived with all your heart
One single step 
Is enough to start
Wonderful things
Stuff that's off the chart
Happen on the journey once begun
You can change your world with only one

He said Thoughthey mesmerize you 
Like a gold watch on a chain
You're more  than the boundaries you embrace
Reason, thin as angels' skin, 
Will fly to some high shelf when
Light that searches through the 
Endless darkness finds itself...

One hungry child 
Won't be denied bread
One lonely soul 
Won't be neglected... One by 
One dying hearts 
Will heal when they've bled
For all the things that they had left undone
You can change the world with only one

© 2003 Flying Stone Music



siennastarr said...

Amen to that.   If only we all lived that way.. <sigh>


astaryth said...

Very Cool Lyrics... An a very good guideline on how to try to live.

bhbner2him said...

Very good point to this song!  I know the pastor at the church I went to for years used to always say that things would never be changed for the better by laws alone.  That it was one person, one heart at a time that changed things.  -  Barbara

sanforized6 said...

Now that will get your attention! Thanx for sharing. rich