Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Sunday Seven

Name the top seven stores where you are most likely to do the majority of your Christmas shopping this year. If you can't name seven, name as many up to seven as you can. You can also include online retailers, too.

1.  2.  Kohls  3.  Walmart  4.  Sears  5.  Barnes and Noble  6.  Best Buy  7.  Circuit City

I've practically quit buying gifts for anyone but the grandchildren (and Cliff if possible).  Especially now that we're a one-income family.  So I doubt that I'll hit all the above stores this year.  I've already ordered two gifts from, though.

This from Patrick, in case you want to play and leave your link there.


robinngabster said...

Here's mine!

deslily said...

I'm with you.. plus just can't afford much of anything.. but i will get something for my "new" 9 yr old grandson..  definately books and maybe a gift certificate to some store my son knows he wants something from.