Saturday, November 12, 2005

Deer hunting

Cliff had told me to wake him before daylight so he could hunt, on this opening day of deer season; not an easy task, since he doesn't go to bed until 1 AM.  I got it done though, and approached him with my idea:

"Would it be OK if I go along?  I'll be really quiet, I promise."

What was he going to say?  So we bundled up (a little too much bundling, as it turned out.  We both got hot).  I made sure the horses were shut in their pen, because there'll be lots of shooting for the next several days.  I left Mandy in her overnight pen, knowing she'd want to go to the woods with us, and likely scare off any deer that might be around.

We were almost to the woods where Cliff planned to settle in when we heard leaves rustling and looked around to see Mandy's best friend, Buddy.  I don't know how he knew we were back there, but he did.  So much for deer.

We sat tight, hoping Buddy would go away.  In fact, he did range quite a distance from us.  Every once in awhile you'd here his sharp "Bark, Bark... Bark Bark" in the distance, as a squirrel eluded him and taunted him from the treetops.

Once, while Buddy was out of sight, we changed locations.  Maybe he'd forget about us.

It wasn't ten minutes before we saw him, nose to the ground, tracking us to our new spot.  When he looked up and spotted us, his tail wagged deliriously.  He was so proud of himself for finding us.

We didn't see any deer, but it's pleasant in the woods, hearing birds chirp, smelling the woodsy fragrances of autumn.  This time of year, we don't have to worry about mosquitoes, ticks, or snakes.

We did hear other hunters shooting in the distance a few times.  Probably Buddy flushed all the deer out of our woods and into their laps.

Now, after a breakfast of bacon and waffles, I'm ready for a nap.



amy122389 said...

There's just something endearing about Buddy....goofy as he is....  <g>

Good luck with future deer hunting.....I LOVE deer salami....


firestormkids04 said...

So funny!  Lock up Mandy and you still get her best friend!  Too much.  Blessings, Penny

robinngabster said... mouth is watering for Deer Jerky now! When we lived in Washington we had a friend who always dropped some by the house. Hope you get lucky next time!

madcobug said...

LOL sounds like my son. When he went deer hunting the last few years his outside dog would follow his truck to the woods if he went one way but if he went several miles on another road and came in from the other direction the dog didn't know he went there. That won't be a problem this year because he wandered away feom home one day and someone ran over him. My son was sorry to see him go.

ora4uk said...

LOL...had to laugh at all your good "preparations"...and then the outlaw Buddy screws them up....but as always you find something good about the situation...good luck to Cliff in getting his deer...Hugs....Ora

marainey1 said...

What a great way to start the day !  Much better than my trip to the garage with the car.  But I did have breakfast with DD while I had to wait which made up for it all.  Wear some bright clothing next time - we don't want any hunters shooting you!   'On Ya' - ma

vortexgirl said...

Bacon. :):)
Nice pictures too.

toonguykc said...

Be sure to thank Buddy for me!  LOL  I actually am not against hunting because I know the population needs to be thinned at times.  But this was funny --- I imagine the head buck and Buddy making secret deals while you and Cliff sleep.

deslily said...

Your "bacon" comment brought a picture to my mind.. did you ever see Red Skelton do his impersonation of a slab of bacon being fried??   he lays on the ground and little by little moves parts of his body like someone jabbed him, all along he starts to bring his knees up towards his chest like he is shrinking.. and the funniest part is the silly smile on his face the whole time he does it lol..  thanks, I needed that smiling thought!

fmgruber said...

Ain't that the way of it! How many buddy's do we all know?

ravenlark2 said...

Early morning in the woods like that sounds wonderfully peaceful...except with the shooting going on in the background.

Breakfast sounds good. YUM...I think I need to go make me some. :-)