Monday, November 14, 2005

Music with a message

Yesterday my 18-year-old granddaughter, Amber, was here, and asked if I'd accompany her to Van's Warped Tour again next year, if she'd buy my ticket.  (I bought our tickets in 2004 and 2005, when I was working.)  I answered that I'd pay for my own ticket, but I couldn't buy for grandchildren this year. 

I consider it a high honor that my teenaged grandchild wants me to attend a punk rock concert with her, for the third consecutive year. 

Am I going to Van's Warped Tour next year?  You BET I am.  I will take earplugs for Amber and myself, though:  last year her ears rang for three days after the concert.  I learned in 2004 to stay out of mosh pits (thank the good Lord I escaped with no broken bones).  We likely won't make it all eight to ten hours; we never have, so far.  And it will be on the hottest day of the year, like always.  But they do have an air-conditioned tent where kids can drop off parents and grandparents for "babysitting" and free bottles of water or cans of soda.

So this morning I was discussing this in an instant message with my weird friend, Xib.  He/she (I told you she was weird) asked if I honestly like the alternative-type music, and I explained that, although I don't play that kind of music often here at home, I do enjoy the songs that don't have a lot of  screaming, the ones that have a real tune... citing "Story Of The Year" as an example.  So Xib sent me a link to a video by Everclear, a group I've never heard of, thinking I might like them.  I  was quite impressed! 

The lead singer obviously had an awful childhood, and wrote some songs about that.  They're the kind of songs that could work for change, perhaps make someone think about things, and be kinder to their children.

I'm a country music fan all the way.  But I'm glad I've taken time to listen to other kinds of music from time to time.  I've been enriched by the most unlikely types of songs.... and people.


robinngabster said...

You're awesome!

lordofbutter said...

I've read about that lead singer of Everclear. His childhood was real bad. But wow, the Warped Tour. Hopefully it'll be good with some block rockin' bands!

siennastarr said...

Mosie, that is why you are so awesome.  You accept people from all walks of life, and sometimes just accepting someone as they are, can make a world of difference.  She obviously has issues, and hopefully someday, she will be able to rectify them in both her mind and body.

As for you and your granddaughter going to that concert?  Rock on!  You have more guts than I ever would, and I kind of like that music, but I hate big crowds.  I get a bit clausterphobic.

Everclear..   I have always liked them, and they do have alot of music that speaks of childhood abuses and neglect.  I haven't heard much from them as of lately, though.  I wonder if they are still recording?


astaryth said...

I'm with you Mosie, I like all different kinds of music. I always seem to graviate back to my Country channels overall, but I enjoy lots of other stuff. I tell people that I don't judge based on the 'style' of the music, but on wether I like listening to it! Oh, and I'm the same way about art.... I like a wide variety of stuff, and am likely to have something considered 'true art' right on the same wall with one of my Ringling posters I collect <LOL>

This entry reminds me of why I think you are so totally cool. You accept things (and people) on their own terms without judging. Your Awesome!