Tuesday, November 15, 2005

stormy day in J-Land, AND in Missouri

Happy birthday, Monica... future valedictorian!

She's now a pre-teen, according to her sister, Natalie.  I didn't realize "pre-teen" started at age ten; which shows you can learn something even from children.  Monica was the grandchild who, I swear, recognized me the first time she saw me, when she was less than twenty-four hours old.

Thanks to the advice of a fellow J-Lander, I am posting this entry from outside AOL, since AOL won't allow me to post in the usual manner.  The journals are more or less on hold, while AOL adds advertising at the top of all our blogs.  Gee, and I just bragged on them yesterday.  I'm not leaving though; the good out-weighs the bad.

Our weather is a mess!  Winter has arrived, I don't care what the calender says.  We have thunder and fog and cold, cold rain... with possible snow in the forecast.


amy122389 said...

C'mon down to Florida, Donna....it's bikini weather!  <g>

Happy Birthday wishes to Miss Monica!!  :)


ksquester said...

Yep, It is finaly here Mo. Now it actually seems like Thanksgiving weather.  Anne

marainey1 said...

Glad you got on - what an adorable picture to share this morning !  'On Ya' - ma

lonamay said...

Happy birthday to Monica,, hope you have a fun day,,, even if it is a cold one,, co\ld in arkansas also,, temp has dropped twenty degrees since 7 am...                   (((((MONICA))))))

siennastarr said...

Happy Birthday Monica!!  :)

I see where so many people have jumped on the bandwagon to try and stop the banners from being on top of our journals.  They don't really bother me that much.  I don't see what the big deal is?  It's annoying, to a point, but I just don't pay attention to them.  I come to read the journal, not look a the advertising, so it's AOL's waste of time, not mine.  I certainly wish they weren't there, but I'm too tired to go somewhere else and start a new journal, like some have done.  
I never was much of a protester.  Not even in the 60's and 70's when it was rampant all over the place! lol
I haven't seen you around my journal lately, Mosie... hope everything is okay with us?  


astaryth said...

Happy Birthday Monica!!!

Those ads <grrrr> It's not even that they are annoying (which they are <g>), and I could learn to ignore them.... but, it annoys me that the 'difference' in the free AIM journals and ours was that they had ads on the top. Everything else is exactly the same.... And now, for $14.95 extra in addition to what I pay our internet provider, I get to have ADS TOO! <big sigh> I don't know, maybe it is time to become an AIM member and save $14.95..........

csandhollow said...

She is adorable! I am staying too even though I hate the ads. I will learn to ignore them. Be careful!