Thursday, November 10, 2005

memories of the past

I was chatting with a group of friends the other day; one lady said she wouldn't know what to blog about because her life is so boring.

"The past," I said.  "Write about your past."

This is a lady who, along with her husband, was a missionary (to Borneo, I think).  She's told me about some fascinating experiences there.

Then another friend chimed in to say that she did not want to think about the past.

OK, different strokes for different folks.

But how can I forget my parents, who are gone now?  And my Grandma?  Am I supposed to forget the good times with her?  They are part of my past.  I feel it would dishonor them to never speak of them, or think of them.

How about my children, as babies?  What happy times those were.  Oh, glorious past!  I will NEVER forget how they felt in my arms.  I pity anyone who shuts out such memories.  How can you turn your back on happy days gone by?

Little golden moments, frozen in time.  Like this one:  My mom was living in a mobile home on our property, six years ago; she was getting on in years and really wasn't up to preparing a meal for guests. Her brother, my Uncle Leo, and his wife, came to see her.  I made a huge batch of spaghetti, spread some garlic butter on regular bread, and invited them all here.  We were laughing and talking and eating with gusto; about ten minutes into the meal, Uncle Leo put his fork down and made this announcement:  "This is a meal fit for a king!"  I reminded Cliff of this just yesterday, and we laughed about it.  I love my Uncle.  He lives on in memories like this.

You can forget your past if you like, but I treasure mine... every golden memory, from 1944 up to yesterday.  And my readers, like it or not, are going to be reading about it.

This is how I honor those who came before  me.


ora4uk said...

Well was YOU that got me to thinking and wondering....and to finally take the step to "blogging"....and so far I am enjoying it alot...and I have so much more I want to write many "Odd Oddessy's".....Hugs....Ora

astaryth said...

Bring it on I say! I love your stories.

vortexgirl said...

I wish I started this when Samantha was born, then all I would have to do is look the story up.  I do write about things that have happened in the past though.  If it's on my mind I figure it's worth writing about.  

madcobug said...

I love to hear your stories about the past. I don't mention my past very much in my journal. Some of it is good and some of it is better left there as much as possible such as a bad marriage the first go-round and my parents marriage also when they split up and remarried.
But the past can't be left there very well. If I did that then I wouldn't have my two wonderful children. I try to think of the good and not the bad. Sorry if that didn't make much sense. Helen

siennastarr said...

I sometimes feel that I have more exciting things to talk about, when in reference to the past (in my journal), than I do in my current life!  While I try not to dwell on the past, I sometimes find myself relishing it!  Stories that may seem like they wouldn't be interesting to others, actually are.

I love your stories, Mosie.......not to mention, your pictures! :)


skisseberth said...

Right on, Sister !

fowfies said...

Amen to that!  I have many many fond memories, and you inspire me to dig them up from long ago...thanks!

deslily said...

1944.. EXCELLENT YEAR!! .. I know that year too!! lol

plieck30 said...

Amen to this entry. There is always one or two in every crowd. As for the missionaries I know they would have some interesting stories to tell. John has some tenants who were missionaries and I could listen to them for hours. Paula