Monday, November 28, 2005

Going to Wisconsin

We ended up taking Cliff's sister's vehicle, a Honda Pilot, to Wisconsin.  It's a comfortable ride, and would have been ideal except that the co-owner of the vehicle was our driver:  My brother-in-law, Pat.  If you ever want to see road rage in action, ride with him.  His average cruising speed is 82 to 84 miles per hour, and I saw him get the car up to 95 more than once, when passing.  We all figured out that the more we protested, the worse it became.  So we shut our mouths and prayed silently, as he cut in and out of traffic from one lane to the other, practically rode on the bumpers of cars that were going too slow to suit him, and mumbled insults at "idiot drivers". 

We really did laugh a lot as we headed north.  By the time we'd lost a full night's sleep, we were all giddy and slap-happy.  Of course, with Pat driving, we may have been laughing to keep from crying.

The trip went well.  We arrived at Rena's house (not far from Wausau, Wisconsin) around 1 PM, and had Thanksgiving dinner at 3:30.


gaboatman said...

I'm so glad Y'all had a good time and so thanksful that you made it back safely in spite of Pat, LOL!  The Pics are great and I like the ones of the trees and snow in the previous post as well.  It looks like it was a great trip in spite of the long drive.

fmgruber said...

My old man was a crazy driver. His excuse, he learned it cab driving. Myself! I found if I stayed in my lane, drove a steady pace, I got there just about as quickly as all the idots what passed going in the same direction. What I liked was traveling with these unknown shadow companions we would all get to the same place about the same time, with half the fuel stops, 25% lss fuel burned. saw, enjoy all the country side, myself reasonably still rested and readt to go once there.

lv2trnscrb said...

thanking the Lord you got there in one piece!


marainey1 said...

I'm glad your home safe and sound.  I have a  SIL that drives like that too.  I try to keep my eyes off the road, I am the world's worse back seat driver.  We had snow too! 'On Ya' - ma

msecz said...

wow what a drive.... I don't think I will ever complain again about my son in law going a mere 75, lol  You took some really nice pictures and looks like you had a nice time too...Sandra

sieblonde said...

It sounds like a fun Thanksgiving  ya'll will talk about for a few years... and look at the snow!   wow.   ~Sie (who is in the south and rarely sees real snow)

siennastarr said...

Oh my goodness, but I hate driving with people who are reckless.  I have been in waay to many car accidents (always with others driving), and have been fortunate, by the looks of the cars, to be in one piece, much less alive!  I would have had a heart attack long before my arrival in Wisconsin! lol

Okay... gonna look at the pictures now.  I left my comment before I looked at them! :)


bhbner2him said...

Wow!  I just love road trips like that!  That's my Pete when he's all mad about something.  :o/    -  Barbara

vortexgirl said...

I try my best not to yell at other drivers.  I just call them idiots under my breath.  I too drive pretty close to that.  I keep it around 78 but if someone whips past me I have no problem catching their tail wind.  Not for too long though.  ;)