Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A corny poem for AOL Journal folks

There's the echo of my footsteps as I roam these J-Land halls.
My journal friends are leaving, and I hear their goodbye calls.
My mailbox sits empty; my alerts are now but few.
I can't say I resent it; folks will do what they must do.

No Patrick's-place assignments.  No more laughs with Mrs. L.
Armandt and Judith Heartsong have abandoned AO-Hell.  
Oh, they have journals elsewhere, but I won't get those alerts.
It's a bitter day in J-Land, as we all compare our hurts.

All the well-known, famous bloggers have shut their journals down;
So many lovely people will no longer be around.
But nature hates a vacuum.  Other folks will come along
To make me laugh, and ponder, and perhaps to right some wrong. 

And maybe, if we're lucky, some old friends will yet return.
Perhaps, out there in cyber-space, a few of them will learn
This AOL community was really not so bad,
And friends are more important than those silly banner-ads.


siennastarr said...



nanlynska said...

HEAR ! HEAR !  You rock MO !!  Great poem from a great blogger. Glad you are not marching out with the others. Always enjoy your entries. Wish I were more diligent about posting in my journal. Maybe when I get this house all put back together I will be. You hang in there Mosie.   Love ya, Gal !


ora4uk said...

I am NOT going anywhere....hugs...Ora

robinngabster said...

Looks like we just need some new faces around here is all. And it does give me more time on the few alerts I do get now...I can comment in them all.

Great poem!

firestormkids04 said...

GREAT POEM!!!!  It's a wonderful sentiment as well.  I'm going to miss the ones who have gone, but am able to get past that knowing that some I really like are also staying.  Blessings, Penny

memes121 said...


joolsinwa said...

those who left are of no great loss, I didn't like em anyway.

vortexgirl said...

I haven't left, but I can't post either.  It could be a while if it's something I have to adjust.  :(

csandhollow said...

Good one. I will miss the aol journals that i read and are gone. I suppose I will have more time now.....

fasttrack58 said...

I love it!!
Linda :)