Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Off to the motorcycle doctor

Cliff traced our Honda's problem to the alternator, and made some phone calls this morning, trying to figure out the best way to get it fixed.  His first call was to the nearest Honda dealer, who didn't have any way of unloading a motorcycle out of a pickup.  Good grief!!!  You sell and service motorcycles and haven't made arrangements to unload them somehow?  We won't even talk about how much the guy said they'd charge.

Then Cliff called an alternator rebuilder, who wasn't interesting in working on a motorcycle part.  But he suggested Hub Cycle; every motorcycle owner we've met recommends this place.  We'd been there before; it's where Cliff got his leathers.  We just didn't realize they worked on bikes. 

"Do you have a way of unloading it off a pickup?  Cliff asked when he called.

"Sure, you just bring it and we'll get it off."

That's more like it.  Oh, and when Cliff asked for an estimate, their price was about 2/3 of what Honda had quoted to us. 

Dave, the man who sold us our Gold Wing, has been helpful in many ways.  One thing he suggested was that we join the Gold Wing Road Rider's Association (GWRRA).  For $75 you get a monthly magazine, some insurance, and a list of members nationwide who will help you out if needed. 

The insurance covers towing up to 35 miles or $100.

Our towing bill was $74.

Cliff's been on the phone with them, and yes... we'll be reimbursed for our cost of towing.

So this year's membership in GWRRA only cost us $1.

I'm pretty happy about this deal. 


ora4uk said...

Glad you lucked out finding a "repairperson"...and great news about the rebate on your towing...and wow...one dollar....for a year....can't beat that with a stick .... LOL...glad things are looking up....Hugs..Ora

msecz said...

you had a good day today too... Im glad. That sure looks like a nice cycle center to go to... I bet you are lifetime customers now too. Sandra

astaryth said...

Finding a good/dependable/honest motorcycle shop is like finding GOLD! We will pay a little more to our regular guy rather than go to someone we don't know... and he's been good to us.

csandhollow said...

Glad you found a reliable place.  Sorry that it turned out to be the alternator. Pat and I were looking at trailers today. That is crazy that they did not have a way to unload!

thebezar11967 said...

Jimmy John and Danny love Hub Cycle. I went there once, kind of scary but I got what I wanted for Jimmy John and was on my way. It is one of the cheapest place around to get things for your bike and to be worked on. Glad everything worked out.
Some of your work buddies say "hi".
By the way, my Mustang is moving to your neighborhood, so can you keep an eye on her for me..Ronda and David are buying on Thursday. Sad but glad too.

plieck30 said...

Sweet deal. Glad you were steered in the right direction. Have fun when you get it fixed. Paula

shermeen0621 said...

i'm glad you  found somewhere decent and reliable, cause sometimes, if they can get away with it they'll charge a fortune. it saves to shop around!

take care
sherms xx

bookncoffee said...

Awesome about the club.  Sounds like you guys are still gonna have fun with this once the bike is fixed.  I love hearing about your little trips and the pics that go with it.