Monday, November 7, 2005

the riderless horse

That's a picture I took last summer of Adam riding Tude, the horse he pastures here.

Yesterday Adam went riding, and Tude returned alone.

Shortly after the horse arrived, Adam and Jessica drove up the driveway.  What a relief!  A saddled, riderless horse is one of the more scary things I can think of.

Adam had been galloping across a field on Tude when the big horse suddenly came upon a ditch, spooked sideways, and sent Adam hurtling over his head.  Adam said he had seen stars when he hit the ground, but was generally OK.

Once Adam was tossed, Tude came home at a dead run along the side of the highway where he's always been ridden.

He was sweating and breathing hard when he arrived.

Now you know why this cowardly woman never lets a horse run with her; if there's going to be trouble on horseback, it usually will happen when they're at a full gallop.


tc01hm said...

Been there, done that and learned from it but my mare stopped, looked at me as if to say 'why are you down there?' A pleasure ride is now just that!

msecz said...

wow, iam glad he is ok... I bet it had you scared for awhile though... Sandra

madcobug said...

Thank goodness he wasn't badly hurt. That is a beautiful horse. Helen

siennastarr said...

Oh my goodness!  I'm so glad that he wasn't hurt worse, than just seeing a few stars!
I love horses, but they do scare me a bit.. they are so big! lol


dbp2000 said...

So glad Adam is alright.  I still suffer (minor now) from a horse accident 30 years ago.  Thanks for stopping by my journal and saying hello.  I have enjoyed reading your entries.  You appear to have a very full, fun life.  Excellent!  Come back any time!


astaryth said...

Yep, nothing worse than the horse coming back alone!! Glad your friend is o.k.

csandhollow said...

Now that is scary! I know how bad it can be when thrown from a horsse(my broken back!)
How is the bike?

deslily said...

Well, having something like that happen probably added another dozen gray hairs!  Glad both horse and rider are ok!

deveil said...

wow, I'm glad he was ok.  I think I scared my Mema on more than one ocassion with the same thing when I was younger.