Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm not leaving, really I'm not

I've played around with Blogger all day, and it's come up lacking.  It isn't what I'm used to.  I hate change (I think I've said that recently, but it remains true).

Then my baby girl comes up with a pure stroke of genius.  AIM journals use the same format as AOL journals.   Now that AOL journals use advertising, they're identical.

No, I'm not leaving.  But I now have another site prepared.  I may post duplicate entries, or I may use it for different topics.  We'll see.  Meanwhile, I'll delete the Blogger journal I created back in August, because I think it stinks.

Thanks, Rachel!


vortexgirl said...

Congrats to you.  I may have to leave as well, I am still unable to post.  :(

marainey1 said...

I agree blogger is lacking.  But in a pinch , it works!  So far I can something, but not all on my aol journal...'On Ya' - ma

rb3987 said...

I am not as computer literate as some people , but you might want to look at this

rb3987 said...   Here is another option That I see available

wyanmomof3 said...

Ill be sticking with you as well! Im adding you to my Journal list! Please visit!
I hope you dont mind! I borrowed your poem below! It's exactly how I feel!

ryanagi said...

I like my new Blogger journal. It doesn't have moods or what I'm hearing, but I could always just type that in myself. LOL But I was able to modify one of the templates to my own liking and I've got a new PhotoBucket account all linked to my Blogger blog. So far it's pretty cool. And no ads.

pinkroseal said...

 MO ,
 what a great looking family, and you will be traveling to Wisconsin a short distance from Minnesota.  If ever you are in my state, I would love to meet you.
  The map shows I am south of the twin cities, however I am 45 north of the cities.  Map on Sr. page.       I  realize it depends where in Wisconsin you are heading.
  Our gas price was 2.04 this morn, and radio spoke of 1.98 in the cities.
  Happy traveling. what are your dates?