Tuesday, November 22, 2005

AOL is at it again

I had to go to Firefox browser to add this entry, just now.  And my counter is gone.  Who stole my counter?  Not that it matters.  I'm sure at least half the hits on that counter are my own, from correcting entries, letting Cliff read my journal, and so forth.   We were warned by the journals editor that there'd be some updates soon.  I guess we're now in the process of receiving said updates.


sanforized6 said...

Guess we are all having a BANNER day!! Sorry about your counter, it's kinda nice to have. rich

msecz said...

I can't get into my journal to enter anything either.... I asked around and someone said it should be fixed by Wednesday but if you can't wait to delete your 2 caches and I did and it didn't help one bit.... I don't have a firefox browser so I must wait I guess... Sandra

ksquester said...

MO, I see your counter....I do!   Anne