Monday, July 26, 2004

That's Amber and Arick, my grandchildren, and their friend Lee.  These were my companions at the Van's Warped Tour.  I saw some sights and heard sounds the likes of which I've never experienced before... but I had a great time!  I did get caught in a mosh pit once, with my granddaughter; I'm not sure which of us was the most frightened in that mob, but we wormed our way to the back very quickly!

That's me and Chuck, the drummer with Simple Plan.  What a sweet, soft-spoken fellow he was; Amber and I both loved him. 

There's Amber getting autographs from Sugar Cult... that's the band whose mosh pit we almost got crushed in.

And here's the place where we almost got smashed!  A girl standing next to me said, "So, are you a Sugar Cult fan?"  I said, "No, can't you tell by looking at me I'm country?  I'm just here with my grandchildren."

No, I don't know any of these kids, but don't they look like they're having a good time?  Now, as crazy as it sounds, I would go again.  It's fun to see all that youthful energy in action.

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segerfan4 said...

oh wow! I applaud you for having an open mind  - you sure are one awesome rockin granny to go to warped tour with your grandkids!  I agree, the mosh pitting and body surfing can be a bit on the far side to our logical adult minds - but they sure do have fun!  The last generation of teens were considered freaks for long hair and tatoos, and in this generation its mohawks, purple hair and piercings but in the end, its the adult community who should be ashamed for their judgements and intolerance.  Todays youth will run the world tomorrow and sadly they are being taught intolerance and hate in many ways...  You have my vote for granny of the year - you sure have gone way above and beyond what most adults or parents will today.... a little love and acceptance goes a long way!!