Monday, July 5, 2004

fun with family and friends

Yesterday was as wonderful a 4th of July as I've ever had, although it got a bit hectic at times.  I went to early Church service, which got me home at 9 AM.  Made the noodles so they'd dry before time to cook them, peeled the potatoes, got the yeast rolls rising for the first time, and then went with my son and his family to Wal Mart for some photos.  I got pictures of him and all three of his children (the older two are from his first marriage), a shot of just him and his wife Debbie (both of them sunburned from sitting at the race at Kansas Speedway Saturday), some of the three kids together, and others. 

When I got home I had two hours of work to get dinner done, and we ate at 3; we'd bought 26 ears of peaches-and-cream sweet corn at a roadside stand, and it was sublime.  I took out time for a 6-mile or so ride on Blue, although it was awfully hot.  The kids did little firecrackers off and on all day.  Arick got a call from his girl friend, who works at a fireworks store, and ended up getting us some fantastic fireworks practically for nothing. 

Our friends with the winery and vineyard had already closed, but I called and they opened up for us.  My daughter's mother-in-law hadn't seen it, and neither had Jim's wife, Debbie.  It was worth their while to open for us, because I think they sold about $200 worth of stuff to our group.

Today is exciting:  Cliff's brother arrived early while I was still in my nightie, and his oldest son, Scotty, will come later.  Also a man my son's age that I used to baby-sit will be here.  And of course, my daughter and the girls will be back... poor Kevin has to work today.  The guys will be monkeying around with the old David Brown tractor you see in the picture above. 

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