Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Home is where the heart is

This is my Missouri.  I don't think there could be a more convenient area than mine for horseback riding.  I own the back roads I ride on, except for the occasional pickup or tractor driven by a farmer.  And if I REALLY want solitude, it's only about a mile to the river bottom, where nobody lives, and the only people you might see are farmers inspecting their crops, or, a couple of times, youngsters racing their noisy four-wheelers... but they are quickly gone.  I spent years thinking I wanted to live in Colorado's Rocky Mountains, but I've come to my senses since I got Blue:  I've finally realized there's just as much beauty here as in the mountains; it's just a different kind of beauty.  I'm starting to see a stark beauty in a dead tree left standing,

 or an old deserted house, like this one down by the river.

I'll still visit Colorado when I can, but I believe I'll keep Missouri as my home.

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