Monday, July 12, 2004

bone tired

I took this picture a couple of months ago, and mainly posted it to see if I could figure out how to add a picture.  I did it!

I can't believe how bone-tired I am any more after a days work.  Today there wasn't much to do in pack-to-light, so I ended up in non-con (putting "non-conveyable" items in totes to go to the stores).  I like that work for a change, but it's even more tiring that what I normally do.  As we lined up at the time clock, our superviser, Chris, asked who of us wanted a VTO (voluntary time off) tomorrow, and I couldn't raise my hand fast enough!  I'm hoping maybe I can get in an early-morning ride, before it heats up.  I'll take the camera, of course; I'm hoping to catch a picture of some of the bald eagles that nest along the river.

I'm so enjoying AOL radio.  I mostly listen to 70's country, although once in awhile I switch to 80's.

I'm still playing Scrabble online with my friend Sue, losing constantly.  But for some reason, it's fun anyhow.  I've never been competitive.

Oh, I have five tomatoes ready; I did pick them a wee bit early and brought them in to ripen inside, just because I was afraid something would happen to them.  I also ate a handful of grape tomatoes this evening, and brought in a couple of nice bell peppers.  My only real crops are tomatoes and peppers; I did plant three short rows of corn, and a couple rows of green beans... oh, and one little row of potatoes.  I think my days of massive gardening and canning are over.  I remember when it was so much fun to watch the colorful jars of canned goods accumulate on the shelf, and the sweet corn mount up in the deep freeze.  Now I'm doing good to go out and pick tomatoes to eat fresh.  "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven...", and my season of being enslaved to crops is over.  I have sweet memories of those days though. 


plieck30 said...

I love the picture. Don't feel like the lone ranger about getting tired. I get so disappointed that I can't do the things I use to. We just have to keep plugging I guess and do the best we can. Paula

bnanajm said...

Sorry to hear you are so tired, but also relieved that it isn't only me.  I sit all day long and at 4:00 I am so weary I feel like somebody should carry me to my car.  But I believe it's the time of year.  It's so hot and muggy, the humidity seems to weight me down.  Or could it be I'm getting older?    EEEeeekkkkk!!!   :o)