Thursday, July 8, 2004

My house, my routine

It's nice to have my son visit a couple times a year.  Because he lives so far away, I'd be heartbroken if he and his family did not come for a few days now and then, giving me and Cliff a chance to bond with Lindsay.  If they stayed for two weeks instead of one, it would be fine with me.  Debbie seems to do a good job of not letting her sometimes-grumpy mother-in-law get under her skin.  I am a loner, and always have been... and I tend to get a bit touchy when my space is invaded by others.

So, as much as I love my son and his family (it would be the same for my daughter, or anyone else coming to visit) it's a treat to get my space back after a week of constant company.  I came home from work yesterday evening to a clean and quiet house; Cliff had been very busy!  For those who aren't familiar with my routine, my husband and I work different shifts.  So we don't see one another much till the weekends.  I'm used to coming home to a quiet and empty house where I can do anything I want until my early, 8 PM bedtime.  I was my mother's only child, and my half-siblings were almost grown when I came along; I learned early on to entertain myself and enjoy my own company, and I think it made me somewhat selfish.  Anyhow, my son and his family survived me, and I survived the constant in-and-out stream of visitors we had while he was here. 

About my grandson:  I don't know whether this is right or not, but his sister says Arick did not leave with his girl friend; he says she took HER car (that her mom bought for HER) and ran away, alone.  I have fifty dollars that says Arick knows where she is.  Lord, I'm so glad my child-rearing years are behind me! 


bnanajm said...

Good grief, you lucky girl.  Chocolates AND hot dogs for yer birthday.  What more could one ask..............   :o)

csandhollow said...

That is one bet I will not take, i agree with you.