Saturday, July 3, 2004

the holiday weekend has started

A tip for all you Bloggers... don't mess around and hit the wrong key while you are making an entry; I just made three paragraphs disappear!  I'm not sure what key I hit, but I'll be careful from now on.

Cliff set up the camper right outside the back door and he and the girls decided to spend the night there.  Rachel brought Natalie and Monica out.  I love the way cousins bond with one another.  Natalie is six, Monica is eight, and Lyndsay is not yet four; but when those girls get together, it's a regular little hen party.  They use the camper for a playhouse, and talk non-stop.  Sometimes the shrieking gets a bit loud and I have to ask them to tone it down.  I think I heard Lyndsay's little footsteps about 2 AM, going up the steps to join her parents. 

I worked three days this week, and had to throw shoes twice.  Back to school means lots of kiddie shoes.  The plus side of this, though, is that kid shoes aren't big and heavy, so they don't wear me out as much. 

Vicki, our renter, heard about some German Shepherd puppies that her dad is checking on.  Somehow it doesn't "feel" right without a dog around, and I do like German Shepherds, although I dread the uncertainties of getting a new dog, raising a puppie, etc.  I am praying that whatever dog we end up with, it will be the right one for us.


csandhollow said...

I hate getting a new dog. I need one that is grown and already trained to know what I want. Since I do not know what I want then I guess I will have to go through the puppy stage of everything getting chewed on.
BTW throw some shoes down this way. I hate shoe shopping!

bnanajm said...

I'm all for a new puppy.  Like a new kitten, they have to 'live-in' to your way of life.  But I also believe that you will know, first sight, if it is the one for you.

And we'll call her Jo-Jo......  hee hee

Have a great with the girls.

boodotte said...

Thanks for the memory of "wee" grandkids.  I know you'll do fine with a German Shepherd pup.  They're a good pic.