Saturday, July 24, 2004

Meet Mandy

As you can see, our home will be safe from any marauding bands of dangerous throw-rugs, now that we have Mandy.  She is using her fierce attack methods to properly kill and destroy this one.  Gee, I need to shake that throw-rug, don't I?  Every time the lawn is mowed, I track cut grass in on my bare feet for days... and then it's time to mow again. 

We've been dog-less since May, and when my friend Tracy told us about free puppies a mile from our home, we decided it was time to take the plunge.  Cliff named her Mandy (sounds a lot like Brandy, our last dog's name, doesn't it?).  She isn't going to be a house-dog, but in order to bond with her, I'm bringing her in quite a bit for the time being.  I set her up last night in Blue's stall, since he seldom uses it in summer.  She can't escape there, and if she potties, it doesn't matter.  When I put her in the stall, she sniffed around, went straight to her new bed, which she'd never seen before, and curled up as if to say, "Home sweet home".  I went to check a couple hours later and she was in her bed, but she had found a dried-up road-apple (horse manure, for the un-farmed) and had taken it to bed with her.  A true farm dog in every sense of the word!  Her mother, who looks to be pure Blue Heeler, had been dumped at these folks' house, already pregnant, along with another pregnant female.  Anybody need any Heinz 57 puppies?  We chose this particular puppy because she came right to us, wanting to play.  She was flea-infested, but I applied a little Sevin dust, and that fixed that problem within an hour.  Then I noticed she kept digging at her ears and figured she must have ear-mites, so I used some cooking oil in her ears.  That seems to have fixed problem number two.  We'll get wormer today for her, and before long we'll take her to the vet for spaying, shots, and all the other things a puppy needs.


bnanajm said...

From the size of her feet, it looks like she'll be a big dog.  She's just adorable.
Now Jakie has somebody to play with.  LOL


lonamay said...

oh how darling,,, so happy you have a new puppy,, may she bring you as much joy as Moki has brought me,, however trying to get him to walk in rain this am was a bit of a challenge.... LOL

csandhollow said...

She is adorable!!!!

dymphna103 said...

Mosie I wished I lived closer Id take one   john