Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Here I am getting ready to go back to work again, after four days off.  I expect the workload to start picking up by the end of this week, which would mean I won't have so many extra days off... but I'll be having more money, and that's a good thing. 

Mandy has been in the house far too much, so she tends to think that's where she belongs.  But yesterday morning when I went to the Van's concert, I left her in the shop with Cliff, and she's becoming acclimated to the noises and surroundings there.  Cliff generally has one or more of the neighborhood boys hanging around there, and they give Mandy plenty of extra attention.  She has only made one puddle in the house so far, and yesterday evening she actually went to the door and whined, and as soon as I let her out she did all her business.  I think that's remarkable for one so young.  I do believe she's going to make us a fine family pet.

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