Saturday, July 31, 2004

Saturday to myself

I took Mandy out in the pasture a little way, and she had her first taste of cow crap (a true farm dog) and then found a real prize, a keeper:  a piece of horse-hoof the farrier trimmed off Blue last time he was here.  She is very good about pottying outside except in the mornings when the grass is wet with dew.  That's when she hates to leave the sidewalk and do her business.  She is outside with Cliff all day when I'm at work, and does well... alternately plays hard and sleeps hard.   

Cliff went to help his brother add on to a farm building, so I'm on my own today.  I've hoed a few weeds, and will go for a horseback ride soon, before it gets too hot.  Tomorrow there's a family reunion, my dad's family.  For years I've gone to the reunions only for my parents; there are other ways I'd rather spend a Sunday.  But now that both parents are gone, I find myself going for a cousin, Lela, who wants so badly to keep it going.  After my generation is gone, there will be no reunions in my family.  Younger kids really don't care about such things.  After all, they never really knew my cousins.  And the people they did half-way know growing up, my aunts and uncles, are all dead now.  I am going to try and keep our own little 4th of July reunion going here at the house though, for Cliff's siblings and nephews, and for any of my kids' friends that want to come.  It worked well this summer.  It's a lot of cooking and work, and some will have to bring campers if they are going to spend the night; but we'll manage somehow. 


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bnanajm said...

Mosie, keep the reunions going.  As a kid, we had 'family picnics' every summer.  We would all gather at a designated place, somebody's back yard, or a park where there was a baseball diamond and everyone would bring their own food, usually different.  We would put it all out on a big table and everybody would dig in.  I can remember several kinds of potato salad from french to german.  There would be hamburgers, hot dogs, baked ham and cold fried chicken.  And of course Polish Sausage.  And talk about the desserts.  Cakes, pies and pastries.  There would be a keg of beer and of course somebody would overdo and pick an argument and swear never to "go to one of these dumb things" again. And lo and behold we all turned up the next year.  Those were some of the most fun times of my life.  There were so many aunts and uncles and cousins.  One aunt had 7 kids and when they got married they multiplied like flies.  LOL  And now, I bet they don't do it anymore.  So keep it going..........