Wednesday, July 7, 2004

happy birthday to me

Although we had over 120 trailors to unload at work yesterday, most of it was straight-ship, and didn't go upstairs where I work.  I heard a rumor there might be an EQ (early quit) offered for those in my department who want it today; if that turns out to be true, I'd probably come on home... after all, it's my birthday!  And it would be nice to be alone on the place with my husband for a while, after all the company we've had.  Jim and Deb head home for Georgia this morning.

I was sleeping quite well at 1 AM this morning when Arick's girl friend's mom called and woke me, looking for Michelle.  I can't blame a mother for worrying about a lovely sixteen-year-old daughter:  but I wish she'd keep her at home, rather than call me constantly, especially in the middle of the night on a work-day.  Did she really think Arick's grandma would know where he is at that time of night?  He doesn't live here.  Can you tell that it makes me a bit grumpy to have my sleep interupted?  Of course, once awake, I envisioned my grandson in all kinds of bad situations with Michelle, so it was hard to get back to sleep.

I've never minded telling anybody my age, and up to now, it hasn't bothered me to have birthdays.  But somehow sixty sounds so old!  I know it's just a number, but it's not a very happy birthday for me.  Oh, I'm counting my blessings along with the aches and pains, and I'm glad to be alive.  But birthdays have ceased to be fun, and I think I'll just stop having them now, thank you very much! 


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