Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Staying home again!

I keep taking just one more VTO (voluntary time off) thinking there won't be another chance... and so far, I keep getting another chance.  OK, so I'm lazy.  However, I don't intend to take any more this week if they offer it.  I like to get at least three days' work in.

We've been putting Mandy in Blue's stall at night.  She escaped at first and Cliff worked on getting it escape-proof.  For three nights it held her, but this morning at 4:30, I awoke to hear her whining at the door.  She's discovered another way out.  So here she is on a throw-rug she's wadded up, tearing up a scrap piece of paper... with one of Cliff's shoes she dragged over to keep her company.  Notice the chew-toy laying there abandoned.  She'd rather chew on shoes, rugs, and paper.

We seem to have a winner in this mongrel we have found.
She’s smart and fun and playful, and just nice to have around.
There’s something in a puppy that fulfills a need within:
I haven’t laughed out loud this much since God-alone-knows when.

She chews on kitchen chair legs, and she grabs discarded clothes.
It wears me out just watching this small scoundrel that we chose.
My throw rugs are disheveled, for she will not leave them lay...
And yet, in spite of all of that, this puppy’s here to stay.

She’s only had one accident upon my kitchen floor;
Already, when she needs to go, she whines at our back door.
She’s not supposed to be inside, but here she lies, asleep.
If we survive her puppyhood, I guess she’s one we’ll keep.











bnanajm said...

She is adorable.  Reminds me of how 'busy' young animals can be.

csandhollow said...

Mandy is so cute. Sounds like she will be an inside/outside dog. Teach her to like baths!!