Tuesday, July 20, 2004

back to the grind

OK, I've had four days off and it's back to work; actually, I'm ready to return to the old grind.  After while, I start to miss the people. 

My peaches are starting to get ready, and I've been putting them in the freezer.  Fresh peaches sure do make some good cereal in the morning.  And sliced on vanilla ice cream... scrumptious!  The above picture was not taken from horseback; it was taken right here at home, in the pasture.  When I went out to feed Blue, I noticed what a lovely sunrise there was, fetched the digital camera, and went back out in search of beauty.  We have 43 acres, but there are people so near that, to stand on my front porch and look, you'd think we were in town.  Dawn turned to daylight as I admired the bird's songs and rolling pasture, and when I walked back, the cows gave me curious looks, as if to say, "What is she doing out here in her nightgown?"

Look around you, folks.  It's a beautiful world!



bnanajm said...

I have to agree with you.  It is a beautiful world in which you live.

csandhollow said...

You take such wonderful pictures!
I think I will be alright. I will just take it day by day.