Friday, July 16, 2004

rainy morning

Yesterday was a good day for work.  For once, I had freight that made it easy to get good numbers (UPH).  Our new boss, Chris, is implementing lots of changes, mostly ones I like.  For one thing, we won't be working as partners much.  We'll work one person to a mod.  There will be changes in the computer system that will allow for the fact that what you "throw" is hard and slow to work with.  All of this will cut down on the number of people who go to their module, talk for an hour before starting work, and then blame their poor performance on their partners.  I worked with my old partner yesterday, and we did great!  Chris came along a half-hour before quitting time and I told her, "If somebody would open these boxes for us, I think we could finish this PO (postal order)."  "Ya think?"  she said, dubiously,  then opened them all, and we did finish, with five minutes to spare.  I love to work that way, it makes the time go so fast.

I had intended to go on a morning ride today, but it's raining.  It sounds like the storm might be almost over, so there's still a chance; it's an hour till daylight yet.  Which reminds me, if you want a good book to read, get "An Hour Before Daylight", an autobiography by Jimmy Carter, telling of his growing-up years in Plains, Georgia.  You can get it on for under a dollar, plus shipping of course.  Right now I'm reading an autobiography of country singer George Jones, "I Lived To Tell It All".  The facts in the book are interesting, but it's rather poorly written.  And yes, George DID have help writing it. 


csandhollow said...

Glad work went well. I hope you have a good weekend. Enjoy your ride on Blue.

my78novata said...

I guess you are happy for these changes and I think you are really lucky to be able to think do you want ot work ornot.Lori