Tuesday, July 13, 2004

summer heat

I left the house at 5 AM on horseback and took several pictures during my ride.  My daughter said the picture I posted yesterday took forever to load... I made this one smaller, maybe that will help.

It's hot, getting up in the 90's every day.  We are the only people I know without air conditioning, and it's my own fault.  I hate being shut in all year long... there's no choice in the wintertime, but I do feel I have an option in summer.  As I get older, I find my resolve to keep the house open to the outdoors gets weaker.  We even tried out a big window unit last summer, and ended up getting in a quarrel about it:  some of our storm windows are old, and hard to open and close.  And when it got down in the 70's for a high, I wanted to be able to turn off the air and open windows.  With the worn-out storm windows, this wasn't feasable.  Finally Cliff, tired of my whining, took the unit out.  Hopefully in a couple of years we'll get replacement windows that will be easy to open and close, and then have central air put in.  Meanwhile, my brother-in-law loaned us a small window unit that we're using in the bedroom, and I love it!  I headed for bed early last night with my George Jones biography in hand, heaped up pillows to lean against, and enjoyed the cool comfort.

A year or so ago, our then-17-year-old grandson needed a car, and talked Cliff into signing for a loan for him; he couldn't do it as a co-signer because he wasn't yet 18.  I didn't like the idea, but Cliff didn't consult me on the matter.  And I must say, Arick has done well with the payments... so far.  However, he's now out of a job, and I imagine this month's payment will be ours to make.  I do hope I'm wrong. 



bnanajm said...

OH MY - that picture took my breath away.  How very beautiful.  Thanks for that.

lonamay said...

this is one beautiful picture,, loved seeing that this morning,,

csandhollow said...

Beautiful!! You are an early bird! I will be up and about at that time in a couple of weeks. School starts back and the bus is here early!