Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Missouri State Fair

I've been thinking about the Missouri State Fair today.  The plans are for Cliff to take me, along with Monica and Natalie, two of my granddaughters, down to Sedalia on opening day.  He'll set up the camper and then come home alone.

I have always loved state fairs, to the point that I can't get enough of them.  I enjoy the livestock shows, the dust and heat, the smells and flavors... it's all good!  Cliff, however, can see all he wants of any fair in about four hours, unless there's a tractor pull going on.  For years I felt deprived at fair-time, until I came up with a brainstorm eight or nine years ago:  what if Cliff took my grandson Arick and me, with our camper, and left us for two or three days?  So about nine years ago, I found out that the only way to REALLY enjoy the fair is to see it in the company of a child.  Arick accompanied me for three years, I believe, and sometimes a cousin or two joined us.  Then he outgrew such childish nonsense, and I once more was deprived of my fun.  Last year I decided my seven-year-old granddaughter, Monica, might be old enough to take in the fair with me.  I had the best time ever! 

So this year, the plan is to take Monica, now eight, and her sister, Natalie, age six.  We'll spend at least three days.  I like to be there for the Thursday opening ceremonies and the governer's speech.  On opening night there's a very affordable concert.  Last year it was Sawyer Brown for $5 a ticket; this year it's Charlie Daniels.  The girls are both huge country music fans, so we'll attend the show.

I do have some reservations about Natalie, though.  She's her mom's baby, and a momma's girl, big time.  I'm wondering if she'll make it that long away from home.  The worst that can happen is, Rachel will have to come and pick her up if she gets homesick. 

Anyway, the fair is my next big adventure (except Van's Warped Tour, but that's just a one-day thing; more about that at another time).

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bnanajm said...

If Natalie has to go home, can I come in her place????  :o)