Thursday, July 22, 2004

pecans and punk rock

Last fall, I ordered two pecan trees, and Cliff planted them alongside our driveway.  I don't know anything about pecans, but I thought it would be fun to raise our own nuts.  We have plenty of black walnuts in our woods, but they are so difficult to crack and pick out.  And I have a problem with eating them as fast as I pick them out.

This spring I watched the seedling trees and waited, but all I saw was the same two bare sticks we had planted.  Every once in awhile I'd bend down and try to break a piece off the end of one of the "sticks" to see if it was dead.  They always remained supple, so Cliff refrained from mowing them down.

The little peach tree we had planted at the same time grew leaves in April, but the pecan seedlings were bare.  In May, still nothing.  And through the month of June, all we had in the way of pecan trees was two sticks.  We sometimes discussed the matter, agreeing that the little trees had died... but something made us leave them there.

Two weeks ago, with very little hope in my heart, I once again approached our pitiful little sticks, and did a double-take:  Was that a leaf on one?  Yes!  And a couple of days later, the other twig also sprouted leaves.  It's probably just the nature of pecan seedlings not to put on their first leaves till mid-summer, but it was like a resurrection from the dead to me, and I felt like dancing around the yard in celebration.

Now, we're on the northern boundary of the area where pecans grow, so I don't know what sort of crops we'll get.  But at least I know there's a chance of having my own pecans!


dymphna103 said...

Oh good ness, I throw pecans away every year.  Cant get them all picked up it seems plus I dont eat them.   john

plieck30 said...

Don't expect your trees to produce too soon. I think it took ours seven years to make pecans. They are sooo good though or were. I moved away from that house and I bet the young people who bought it let them go to waste. Paula

csandhollow said...

i need to get out and plant me some too. i use pecans year round in my cooking. Plus they will make a good income when I am older. Pecans sell good around here.

mosie1944 said...

Yes, Celeste, and they thrive very well in Georgia!  Only one variety can make it here, and even then it's iffy.