Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sunday morning

We got 1 6/10 inches of rain yesterday; so much for going to the tractor show.  I don't believe I've seen a year with so much rain since 1993, the year of the flood.

Mandy had her first visit with the vet yesterday:  $18 for physical examination, $8 for a three-way vaccination, $32 for Iverhart Plus (heartworm prevention) and $3 for de-worming.  $61, all told.  And we haven't even had her spayed yet!  She is showing a lot of intelligence, and a decided skill as an escape artist.  We put her in the stall while we went shopping, and she found two different ways out of her prison!  Vicki, our renter (and a dog-lover) reported all this activity, and hopefully we have all Mandy's escape routes fixed now.  Funny thing is, when she gets out of the horse's stall, she comes directly to the house, to the back door we use all the time, and starts raising a ruckus.  I don't think she heard me say she won't be a house dog.  So far there have been no accidents in the house, which I think is remarkable for an eight- to ten-week-old dog.  As I type this, she's lying on a rug in the hall, chewing on one of the toys I bought her yesterday.  Two granddaughters, Natalie and Monica, spent the night here, and they're glad to have a puppy around.

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bnanajm said...

Mosie, she's adorable.  I'm glad you got her.