Saturday, July 10, 2004

Blue's shoes

I was going to ride Blue last night, but when I cleaned his feet I found out he was missing a front shoe.  I called the farrier and he showed up today to remedy the situation.  He did both front feet while he was here, and will come back in a couple weeks to do the back ones.  I still want to change farriers, but since I had to have that front shoe replaced quickly in order to ride on the gravel and pavement, I called my usual guy.

Cliff worked for six hours today, to make the payment on the last tractor he decided he just has to have.  He says he'll work one Saturday a month till it's paid off.  (No, not the brand new John Deere he bought a year ago on my birthday... an old David Brown that he has $2,000 in.  ::sighs::)  Is it possible to have a tractor addiction?  Oh well, this will help justify the laptop I'm going to buy in a few months.  (evil grin)

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