Thursday, July 29, 2004

Weekend assignment #17

John Scalzi is sort of like AOL's "head Blogger", and gives out weekend assignments for all the journal folk.  This is the first time I've participated, but here goes:

Weekend Assignment #17: Through some unexplained miracle, your pet or pets gain the mental capacity for speech for exactly the length of a single sentence. What do you think that sentence would be and why?

Well, if we're talking about my horse, Blue, I believe the sentence would be this:  "Would you PLEASE lose some weight, you're killing me!"

OK, here's the second part of the assignment: 

Extra Credit: You get one question to ask your pet that (presumably) it would answer. What's the question?

I'd ask my pup, Mandy, why she voluntarily goes into Blue's stall and sleeps for hours when the door is open during the day, but cries when I shut her in there at night. 

1 comment:

echoooo1 said...

Your Mandy seems to have that the grass is always greener thinking.