Sunday, July 4, 2004

hectic holiday weekend

I had my daughter take me for groceries yesterday, but had forgotten to put eggs on the list... here I am cooking a big meal today, including egg noodles, and not an egg in the house!  My son happened to awake before six, I told him my problem, and we made a Wal Mart run.  Since we live in the boonies, that was a 17 mile trip, but I got my eggs and am making noodles as I write this, plus boiling eggs for deviled eggs tomorrow with our barbecue.  I went to early church, which worked out well for me.  I have an appointment at a more distant Wal Mart to get some family pictures made of my son and his kids.  Busy day indeed!  My daughter's Mother-in-law will be coming out here with them for dinner later on.  The brisket is in the oven on low, so it'll be OK to leave it.  I'll try to have the rolls rising when I leave, and the potatoes peeled.

We had a lovely barbecue at my sister's yesterday, in Kansas City, North.  Her son, both grandsons, and her great-granddaughter were there.  It's really hard to get all of us together now that my mom's gone, and at that, my grandson, Arick, didn't make it.  It's awfully hard to pin teenagers down on weekends!

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boodotte said...

Boy, busy lady indeed, Mo.  I love home-made egg noodles and fresh rolls.  With those at a table, I don't need anything else.  lol  Guess you can tell we're both country girls.  I know what you mean about pinning down teens on weekends.  I'm happy to report I haven't heard a word from my granddaughter since she left for western Kansas about a month ago.  Lord, what's wrong with me?  I'm dreading the return to babysitting when school starts.  Anyway, I know you are loving having your family there.  Get lots of pics and post them here.  I just love keeping up with country happenings.  Boo