Wednesday, July 21, 2004

this and that

My supper last night:  two roasting ears, 3 tomatoes, sliced peaches, and black walnut ice cream.  Cliff's at work when I get home, so I just eat whatever I want.  I froze another quart of peaches.  My little garden is starting to produce!

Some time back, my granddaughter was on the other computer (I call it the "kiddie" computer, it's a cheap one I bought for grandkids to play on) and she was listening to Simple Plan.  I was so happy that she had started listening to songs with tunes, rather than rap, that I said, "You know, if Simple Plan ever comes to Kansas City, we should go!"

Well, after doing an internet search, I learned that they'd be here as part of Van's Warped Tour.  I sprung for four tickets, since I don't drive, and Amber isn't ready for city traffic yet.  I figured Arick, her brother, could drive us... and allowed for the fact that he might want to take his girl friend.  I'm not sure that his girl friend can go (he isn't supposed to be seeing her, but you know how THAT goes).  The fourth ticket will likely be used by his friend, Lee, who is also our backup driver in case Arick can't attend.  This item on the Warped Tour website cracked me up:  "REVERSE DAYCARE:  A tented, air-conditioned area where kids can drop off their parents while they cruise the action of the festival. There will be a masseuse on hand to take care of the parents and movies will be shown in the tent, which will be equipped with "noise proofed" headphones. Parents will be able to get away from the heat and noise, enjoy cold drinks and discuss the triumphs of parenthood as their kids rock out to the music and activities."

People seem to think I'm nuts, but I like to see and experience different things.  I expect to have a blast, and I'll be making good memories with my grandkids.  I hope to have pictures of this big event to share, and yes... I'll buy the T-shirt!


csandhollow said...

I think it is wonderful!

skittlez68iou1 said...

hey, this is skittlez.....u wrote in my journal about u being old and i loved it, lol
i am so thrilled to be goin to the vans warp tour again, maybe ur grandkids and me can hang out call me sometime about that...863.370.0339
my real name is sean