Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pay-it-forward challenge

A few days I saw the Pay-It-Forward Challenge on another blog and thought it sounded like fun.  I took the challenge.

Here's how it works:  I leave a comment saying I want to participate, and the blogger will send me "something" in the course of the following year.  Then I post an entry stating that the first three people to comment on my P.I.F. entry will get "something" from me.

I got three people to respond, and now I'm having fun thinking about what I'll send them.  Hey, it could be something as simple as a local post card.  I'm just waiting for inspiration to hit me, something different for each of the three, hopefully something appropriate.

It's as much fun waiting for that inspiration as it was waiting to get my three "commenters".  And of course, I'm also waiting to see what that other blogger is going to send me!  I like the idea of having plenty of time to plan what is sent; it gives me something pleasant to think about.

One of my responders has a private journal, and I'm sure that's why she only got one person to play the game.  That's OK, she'll have fun with the idea anyhow.

I haven't received my "something" yet, nor have I sent my "somethings" to my J-land friends.  But it's a fun activity that I'd highly recommend.

Go ahead, try it.  You know you want to.

I'm not taking any more applicants, but you can start this thing from scratch.  Change the rules to only one or two commenters instead of three.  Whatever.  The project is already brightening up my winter days.

I mentioned the other day I was making my mammogram appointment.  I knew I was a year overdue, and reading a breast-cancer survivor's blog nudged me into action. 

When I called The Breast Center to schedule my appointment, I learned it has been three years since my last mammogram.  In my defense, two years ago at the time I should have been having another one, Cliff had open-heart surgery.  A distraction, to say the least.

I know some of my readers have put this off just like I did.  Please call and make your appointment today.


loisontheweb said...

You just reminded me, I have my Doctor's instructions lying on the table.  She wants me to make that appointment.  I've not been traveling much in this cold weather, etc., lately.

breakaway1968 said...

YUP ...I did get three finally :)  One only comments through email so she said she would play :) .  And another is playing in someone elses pay it forward too but she can play in mine too!  I just want three...and yes, having a private journal makes it a bit harder to play the game.  Sometimes I forget I have a private journal! lol

Anyway...I am 38 and will be making my apt soon.  No breast cancer in my family yet but I don't want to be the first!  And if I am, I want to catch it early!  

domsmom27 said...

It is so ironic that you are talking about mammograms.  I have been putting this off for 2 years.  I think about it EVERYDAY.  And put it off til TOMORROW.  What is holding me back from making this appointment?  Oh well, gotta get back to work.  I will make the phone call tomorrow.  See what I mean!   Marlene


helmswondermom said...

I'm so glad you made that appointment!

csandhollow said...

I will bring it up when I go to doc on 25th.