Monday, March 24, 2008


I worked with Libby yesterday.  She gets more cooperative about letting me work on her feet with every session.  However, when I first pick up her left hind foot, she still gets nervous and pulls it away at first.  She doesn't kick, just takes the foot away from me.  Yesterday when she did this, her hoof landed on my left foot, the little toe to be exact.  This is why I always put on my cowboy boots before I work with horses. 

I don't make a big deal of having an animal step on my feet; it's been happening all my life.  In fact, when the podiatrist was fitting me for inserts, he looked at the x-ray and asked, "When did you break your toe?"

"Could have been lots of times," I told him. 

So yesterday I went right ahead working with Libby, even saddled her up and rode awhile.  It was when I got inside the house that I realized my toe hurt more than it usually does after being stepped on by a horse.  When I took off my boot, I saw it was bleeding.  Skinned it up a little, she did.

I'm not sure I'll be walking with Cliff this morning; it depends on whether a new band-aid makes a difference in the feeling.

Maybe I should buy some steel-toed cowboy boots.

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magran42 said...

Sure does sound like steel toed boots are in order.....especially as you get older.

madcobug said...

My son wears pull on steel toes boots on his welding job. Wouldn't be a bad idea to get you some. I hope the toe doen't give you a lot of trouble. Helen

domsmom27 said...

Or put some fluffy bedrooms slippers on that horse. <hee hee>              Marlene

marainey1 said...

Ouch is right - steel toes would help for sure.  Hope you are better quick.  
'On Ya' - ma

breakaway1968 said...

OH my you should buy some steel toes something!  OUCH!  I can't stand to stub my toe but having it stepped on by a horse!?  OUCHY!  Hope you didn't break it again!  

mutualaide said...


suzypwr said...

OUCH! I hope it heals up fast with a new magic bandaid! (and some antibiotic ointment, too)


csandhollow said...

Ouch. Been there. LOL at broken toe. Mine has been broken more times than I can count.

gen0507 said...

Steel-toed cowboy boots sounds like a great idea!!!


helmswondermom said...

Ouch!  I've been stepped on by a horse before.  Hope Libby continues to improve as you work with her.

mftrotterlvr said...

I once thought about getting the steel toed boots myself until a wize horse-person told me that I shouldn't.  She said that she has seen too many people who have been stepped on by a horse onto the steel toed boot.  The steel in the toe comes down and cuts your toes off!  Better a broken or smushed toe than one without a toe!  So, she convinced me! :)  Take care of your feet!