Friday, March 21, 2008

Great weather

Cliff and I rode the Gold Wing yesterday; we chose, as our destination, the mobile home park where our future home is located.  Cliff wanted to take some measurements underneath the house to find out where the "drops" are:  the sewer, electric, and so forth.  Because he has to know all that in order to be able to pour the concrete pad where the house will be situated. 

The house itself was locked up; we are still waiting for our money, so it isn't really ours.  But Cliff removed skirting and crawled underneath to measure everything.  We left everything as we had found it.  We took our usual "on-the-road" picnic of sardines, crackers, and fruit, along with a thermos of coffee, and ate on the steps of what will hopefully be our next home.

As far as the money thing, we're rather up-in-the-air with it.  It's a home equity loan we're getting.  We know we'll get some money, we just don't know how much.  They did a drive-by appraisal and we haven't heard how that turned out yet.  They can only appraise it as "a house and five acres", even though we own 42 acres.  The good part of this is that it will leave tract 2 of our property paid for, free and clear.  That's where our new (to us) home will be.

I edited this section:  Cliff said "too much information".

Then there are several things we'd like to do if we have the money:  build a small mud porch on the back; install a bigger (perhaps picture) window in the living room; add a deck.  We can live without these things, though. 

Prayers are, as always, appreciated. 

The son-in-law had asked me a few days ago if Natalie could come here on a day when school let out early and Monica had some activity planned.  "Sure," I said.  And promptly forgot about it.

Until we got home from our ride yesterday, walked in the house, and found the television on some cartoon channel.  With nobody here.

Since Cliff and I were out riding when Nattie arrived, she wisely called her dad and he contacted Rachel.  Rachel came and got her.  She wasn't alone here very long.

I imagine Kevin would have reminded me the previous day, had it not been for our adventure with trying to find the girls in the woods.


madcobug said...

Sending up prayers for things to go well for you and Cliff and that you will have that home sitting on your place in no time. Helen

breakaway1968 said...

When we were in the process of buying our new home we made SEVERAL trips over to see it before we owned it.  NOT to get measurements but to just look at it.  We loved it and could not wait to move in.  
I had forgotten about my great nephew coming over one time and my nephew was late for work because I had been running around town :0  it happens...were getting older and old age does that to a person I guess!  

lanurseprn said...

I hope things go well for you in this move.  I'm excited for you!

gen0507 said...

I'll be praying that everything works out like you hope.


magran42 said...

When a person is open and honest they tend to give "too much information".  CY has called me on this a time or two.  Prayers for this whole adventure.

lmitc89854 said...

I am excited for you.!!!

csandhollow said...


suzypwr said...

What an exciting new chapter you have coming up! I moved less than two years ago to a new home and it has been quite the adventure. I had reasons for moving - smaller home, no stairs - and I have to say it was definitely a wise decision. I hope you feel the same way after you finally get settled - start wondering why you didn't do it sooner!

Happy Easter!


helmswondermom said...

I certainly hope everything turns ought the way you want.  It must be very exciting, but nerve wracking, too, to be waiting like that.  Glad Natalie called her dad when there was no one home.  She's a smart girl.