Saturday, March 22, 2008


Cliff and I talk often about the manufactured home we're (hopefully) getting.  Today we even went to Shawnee, Kansas, and bought a bedroom suite with mattress and box springs for the guest bedroom in the trailer.   We found it on Craigslist.

(Note to the son and his family:  with any luck you'll have a decent bed AND air conditioning when you visit in July.)

It strikes me as funny that the thing Cliff and I both anticipate most is closets.  Three of them.  BIG ones.  Because we've only had one tiny one here, since 1975.  One closet for two people.

We're tired of our entire hallway looking like this all winter because there's no place to put all the coats.

Oh, and we're tired of that five-gallon water-jug sitting on the clothes dryer.  Our well-water is so hard it ruins coffee-pots (and lots of other things), so we drive two miles to the daughter's house and get town-water from her faucets with which to make coffee.

Our motorcycle leathers hang out in the shop because there's no room for them in the house.

Yes, having two bathrooms will be a treat.  A dishwasher will be lovely, as will a garbage disposal.  Air conditioning will be heaven. 

But Cliff and I look forward to the closets most of all.

We've been asked why we don't take all the money we'll have to spend on the mobile-home site and put it into this old house.

Well, the basement walls are cracked.  The well water is hard.  We need a new septic tank here.  The living room is too small.  There's no place to put another closet.  And there's an upstairs we don't even use where the plaster is falling from the ceiling.  If we fixed all the cosmetic flaws, we still wouldn't have a closet, and our living room still wouldn't be big enough.

I want closets. 


tendernoggle said...

Oh Mosie.....I know so well what you mean...I only have one closet and it is in the living room ....and I do not have ANY kitchen cabinets.
love ya,

redpoppy007 said...

You deserve a nice place to live in comfort.
You will like it much better, I am sure.
Best of luck to you both.

dbaumgartner said...

You guys are going to get just what you want.  I can't wait to see how it all turns out.  Since this is something I may do I am following your journey, closely.

Here's something you might like.  I thought of you when I was reading this blog.

Happy Easter!


suzypwr said...

I remember moving from a house with two 36-inch closets in the entire home to a new house with 5 large closets, two of them huge walk in closets - one wasn't even in a bedroom or anything, just a spare walk in closet in addition to a full basement - I know how you feel! I give you six months, and you will want another closet, lol! Maybe even sooner :-)

New homes are so exciting! I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of your new place coming home to roost!


magran42 said...

Will you still use the same well?  I rather like the coats in the hall...Your home is so comfortable looking...not like the sterile houses of today.  I had an idea....will you still use the second floor of your house for storage and just rent out the bottom floor as an apartment?  You will have the luxury of moving at your own pace.......only taking what you want....leaving the rest.  This is the ultimate in decluttering!  

breakaway1968 said...

It's funny  you say that because that is the EXACT thing we wanted most!  I don't think people understand unless they had to live with "boxes" as closets!  Those tiny closets do NOTHING for ya!~  Take pictures of your before and after closets! ;) I  would love to see that.  lol Yes, I'm weird that way but I love seeing other peoples houses!  I can't wait to see your new house!

csandhollow said...

Closets are nice, mine are full now and the coats are once again hanging on the walls! LOL Only took 6 years to get to that point.

csandhollow said...

We have rural water. It is very hard. I have a filter on my kitchen sink for drinking water. The toliets and coffe pots and stuff...well you know how it is.

helmswondermom said...

I have never lived where there are enough closets (or big enough closets).  Or maybe it's just that I accumulate too much clothes and junk to fill whatever closet space I have.

siennastarr said...

Doesn't take much to please you, does it Donna?  :)  Closet space is very important!  I hate cramming things into one place, because you just don't have enough room!

I am keeping you in my prayers, that all goes well, and you soon are able to call that new mobile......"home!"


fowfies said...

Yep, closets are wonderful. We went from having some really tiny ones to big ones it. Starting fresh with a new home sounds great. :)