Sunday, March 2, 2008

My multi-talented husband

Blue only wore shoes for a couple of months last year.  The rest of the time he's done fine barefoot.  The only reason I had him shod last spring was that his hooves started breaking off on the gravel and I felt he needed protection.

When I can ride him three or more times a week, he keeps his hooves pretty sell worn down, except they get a little long in the toe.  I guess that's because of his gait.  So I call Randy, the farrier, to trim him up.  Last time I did this, it was $35.  I wouldn't be surprised if it's gone up, since everything else has.

We were at Orscheln's farm store today and purchased a rasp, or file, for horse's hooves, and also a hoof cutter.  Together I don't think they cost more than $25.  I think Cliff did a fine job, and as I told him, just this one trim more than paid for the tools he bought.  I rode Blue after Cliff got done, and he seemed quite comfortable.

I'll guarantee you Libby won't be so easy to trim.  I've never seen a horse any more patient than Blue: he's willing to stand all day on three feet, if that's what it takes to make us happy.


exptmircle said...

I enjoyed both of your posts today.  Great day-trip, so much different from mine.  I went to vist a friend that lives near LAX. I was on 5 different freeways and only traveled 30 some miles- grid lock- bumper to bumper traffic for part of the way. So nice to see your peaceful county roads.  
Just trimming my dogs toenails makes me feel accomplished.  Way to go Cliff.
Linda in Anaheim

lanurseprn said...

Blue is such a good horse. Maybe Libby will learn from him?
Have a good night.

helmswondermom said...

That's great that Cliff could trim Blue's hooves.  I enjoyed the pictures.  Glad you guys got a bike ride in, too.

breakaway1968 said...

WOW that's well worth it... now next time it will be free!  :)  

lorinokla said...

way to go Cliff!!!

I have a rasp and trimmer. I used to trim in a pinch. But, since I had my car wreck and herniated a vert I havent done much of it.

Now, I am addicted to the new barefoot trim, I swear, it is doing wonders for Scooter's arthritis!

Blue is a beauty, inside and out :)

nanlynska said...

WTG Cliff !!  What a GUY !!  

That BLUE is a sweatheart.  How old is he now?  Sure is a patient horse for sure. A true SOUTHERN gentleman.

fowfies said...

That horse, he is a special guy. I am glad Cliff knows how to trim. I dont know if I could do it. Derbys hooves can break off a little like what your talking about. He doesnt seem bothered by it...and when the farrier comes it is trimmed neatly again. He is actually doing pretty good to have foundered. He has lost more weight too, and is such a better horse now. You will have to let us know how Libby does...hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised and she will be a good girl. :)

dvscommercial said...

Men with this much talent are hard to find.

madcobug said...

Cliff is a good handyman to have around. Blue was acting so good. Helen

plieck30 said...

Thats a cute picture of Blue sniffing  Cliff. It comes in so handy when the man of the house can do so many things to save money. Nice of him to do it too. Paula

bookncoffee said...

Glad Cliff got the job done.