Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This morning as soon as we had taken our daily walk, Cliff and I went out to plant our Lombardy Poplars.  Now experts will tell you to never plant this species:  it's a weed!

However, they grow fast.  They may only last for fifteen years, but I think in fifteen years Cliff and I won't be worried about the trees dying.  Besides, we may plant a row of spruce behind them.
  As advised, we planted them 150 feet away from our future home and septic tank.

We're still waiting for the stupid appraisers to do their job.  We can't make a move until then.

Worst case scenario, we've lost nothing and keep living as we have been.  Best case, we get our new home.  Either way, we'll survive.

Oh, I rode Libby awhile again today.  That was a positive experience.
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fierrorachel said...

Yeah!  I'm excited.

madcobug said...

I hope they will grow fast for you and I hope the cows don't eat the young trees up. Helen

fowfies said...

I didnt know that those poplars only lasted fifteen years. We have one right in the middle of our front yard. I will say, they spread easily! I always have new sprigs coming up out away from the tree, coming up from the main trees roots. I still like it though, I think they are pretty.

mutualaide said...

Positive steps moving forward ... you'll get there!

magran42 said...

This is so exciting...(see-I have no life).  Can't wait for "THE REST OF THE STORY".