Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Those specks between the two calves are Kevin and his daughters.

There, I cropped the picture.  Now you can see them.

The granddaughters have been coming here after school this week; they don't do that often these days, so it's really nice to have them around.

Today our weather turned absolutely perfect, so Monica and Natalie went out to play with Marvin's kids.  I've always told them, "Stay on my property; I want to be able to see you, or at least have you in hollering distance, when I step outside."

Well, I went outside and there they were almost out of sight over at Marvin's.  I called them home and reminded them of the rules:  "Stay on my property."

A half-hour or so later, their dad knocked on the door.

"Aren't the girls out there?" I asked.  "They were playing with Marvin's kids a while ago."

"No," Kevin said.  "I didn't see them."

Now keep in mind that my granddaughters are not exactly quiet when they're playing.  They inherited their grandmother's loud mouth.  But we heard no voices.

The renter heard us calling for the girls and said last time she saw them, they were headed toward Marvin's.  I couldn't believe they'd disobey me twice in one day... especially Monica, who is usually very trustworthy.

Kevin couldn't raise anybody at Marvin's house.  I told him the girls had gone back in the pasture earlier; maybe they went there again.  I'd heard something said about catching tadpoles, and our little pond is filling up with water after the recent rains.

Only if they'd been at the pond, I would have heard them.  And I heard nothing.

I did notice the electric fence was unplugged; I had told Monica earlier if she wanted to go through the electric wire, just unplug it.

I went all the way to the cabin.  Nothing.  Then I heard, far away, a voice.  And another.

The girls, along with Marvin's two youngest kids, were in the deepest ditch on the place, at the very back of our forty-two acres.

Iguess they figured when I told them to stay on my property, that meant ALL my property.

I know Kevin was frantic with worry.  I somehow knew they were fine, but I was getting pretty angry by the time we finally found them.

All's well that ends well. 


breakaway1968 said...

OH lol leave it to kids to take you literally!   Ya they were on YOUR property so I guess that means they didn't "really" disobey you!  I love when kids explore in the wilderness...something I have always done.  SO FUN! Can't wait for my lil one to enjoy our acres here!  

madcobug said...

That would have worried me also. Glad that they were ok. Helen

starstarj said...

Well gosh they DID stay on the property. I would have been frantic myself. Glad they are OK.

suzypwr said...

Cell phones!


lanurseprn said...

I would have been so nervous, too! Guess from now on you'll have to be more specific LOL! Glad they are all safe.

marainey1 said...

I hope the next time they remember the rules and stay within shouting distance.
Glad you have such nice weather, we had more snow today.  'On Ya' - ma

magran42 said...

I would have had the same reaction as you.  Glad to see the girls are around a lot now.

fowfies said...

Wellll they WERE on your property. ;) Cant fault them on that count.

ryanagi said...

Ooo they got off on a technicallity.  See, you have to be really specific with kids. lol  At their age, I'd be at the far off ditch on the property too (or floating down the river on a homemade raft).  My mother would have a heart attack if I told her how far I would roam outside our neighborhood when I was a kid.

siennastarr said...

Kids!  You gotta love em'.....but, boy they sure can worry you half to death!