Saturday, March 29, 2008

a horse like Blue for sale!!! Or trade!!!!

While checking Craigslist this morning, I found a younger version of my horse, Blue, for sale.  They're asking too much for him in today's market, but I see they'll trade him for a running 4X4 truck.  Which we have. 

Don't worry, folks.  I'm not buying another horse.  The older I get, the more painful it is to ride, and truthfully, I already have one horse more than I "need".  But I had fun kidding around with Cliff about trading our old pickup for a horse.  He said, "How am I going to haul hay out of the field for the horses, without a pickup?"

Those of you who watched yesterday's video probably noticed, we have quite a bit of silliness around here.

Cliff does this same thing with Craigslist, only with him, it's tractors.  He has no need for another tractor, but he'll find a good buy and even go as far as calling the seller to ask questions about it.  He loves tractors, I love Foxtrotters.

So at least each of us knows where the other is coming from.


madcobug said...

He is a beautiful horse. Like you said you really don't need another one. Libby is coming along also. He does need his truck to hawl that hay. I hope the appraisal on your house will be a good one so you can get things rolling in the mobile home doings. Helen

marainey1 said...

Its good that you have fun together...have a great Saturday!  'On Ya' - ma

geocachelinda66 said...

If I could find a good place to board a horse, I would of bought one instead of a moped!  Not sure where I would put him at work though!

plieck30 said...

Thought of you and Cliff today when we passed a small collection of old rusty tractors. They were sure purty. Paula

bookncoffee said...

Hey I noticed you said you wouldn't buy another horse right now but didn't quite say you wouldn't trade for one.  LOL  Cliff better keep an eye on that 4 x 4 less it gets replaced by 4 x 2 (4 horse legs with 2 human legs riding).  yeah I'm not funny this morning...even with 2 cups of coffee.
he he

tendernoggle said...

Amanda had a horse just like that one when she was married. His name was Clyde. She had to give him to Danny's sister and she sold him.
love ya,

breakaway1968 said...

Your cliff sounds like my FIL!  He has four tractors/bulldozers now and on wed will be bidding for another! lol  MEN!  Funny story about the trade tho :)

boodotte said...

Now you know I can relate to this story.  Don is the same as Cliff with those threats.  Our banter is tractors vs. more collectible glass.  Don's now up to 6 tractors for 5 acres (not counting about a dozen riding lawnmowers).  I don't want to tell how many hundreds of pieces of collectible glass I now have.  lol  I got up-to-date on the new digs you're working toward.  I recall you wanting a mobile home (trailer) for years now.  I'm so happy for you.  However, you just shot yourself out of one line of prayer from me:  I used to pray for you guys during the summer heat.  It all sounds exciting.  

suzypwr said...

Spring brings silliness :-)