Saturday, March 8, 2008

Interesting morning

I went outside to take Sadie to potty and noticed people around my barn.  At 6 A.M.  Then I saw the neighbor lady leading a horse away from my barn toward her house.  Ah, Marvin's horses are out again.

That wouldn't be such a big deal, except that those three horses are uncatchable.  (Hey, that must be a real word; spell-check didn't stop it.)  And the neighbor lady only had a rope in her hand.  No halter.  Well now, I have to give her credit for this: she did have a can of feed with which she was trying to lure them.  My can.  My feed.  Cause I'm generous like that.  Especially when I don't know it's going on.  I jest, because of course I'd have told her to go ahead and use my can and my feed, had I been out there.  The horses weren't interested, no matter whose feed it was.

I got one of my halters and went out in the pen to try and help.  It was obviously a waste of time, because these horses were not going to be caught; but as we chatted, in the course of conversation I found out these horses get no hay at all, only a couple cans of feed a day. 

"Let me get a flake of alfalfa hay and see what happens," I told her.

Well, that turned the big horse, Macon, into a pussycat; and the remaining horse simply followed them home.

Remind me to give Blue and Libby an extra treat today.  I can always
catch my horses. 

(edited to add:  the neighbor's horses do not appear underfed.  Evidently they are fed enough grain and get enough dried pasture-grass to sustain them.)

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marainey1 said...

What a great neighbor you are.  Those horses obviously had a craving for hay...what are they thinking???  Take care !  'On Ya'- ma

ora4uk said...

seems your neighbors might need a "short" course in how to care for their horses!!!!????  sheesh...poor creatures were starving.....or so it are a good and patient neighbor Mo.....God Bless....hugs....Ora

magran42 said...

The same idea works with children!  Oh you are a good "horse mama".

madcobug said...

You would think they would balance out the feedings with some hay. Glad they got them home. Helen

lorinokla said...

oh my! no halters??

I can catch Scooter anywhere at anytime. We are SMART horse people.

it sounds like your neighbors might do a bit better by haying their horses and cutting back on their feed.

I feed Scooter Equine Senior, a pellet feed that he can eat alone w/out hay...I still hay him twice a day....only a flake because he'd waste it otherwise! This is the 1st year I have NOT fed him alfalfa. It can be hard on an older horse's kidneys....he misses it.

lanurseprn said...

See how smart you are? You sure know horses!

gaboatman said...

Always something going on at your place, whether you know about it or not, LOL.  Glad you thought of the hay for the neighbor's horses.  I'm also glad you added that about them not being underfed.  It's nice when neighbors help one another.

damann1997 said...

I found this story very interesting and would hope I could be restored to comment on my other SN's. Pluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuze!
Shane aka Jerry

helmswondermom said...

Well good, because I was going to ask if they looked like they needed the hay.  Glad you were able to get them.

breakaway1968 said...

HA they know where to get some good feed at!  LOL  They wanted some good alfalfa hay!  I bet they loved that.  

fowfies said...

Thats one problem I will never have with Derby, he is ALWAYS up for FOOD! LOL :) Maybe she will apply that technique next time she needs to catch them.

csandhollow said...

dang they really need some hay.
We are out of hay now. Luckily the grass has started growing some.