Sunday, March 30, 2008

Motorcycle school

For three days or more, there's been rain in the forecast for today.  Cliff and I were hoping it didn't happen, because the Rolling Wheels motorcycle class for which we prepaid goes on, rain or shine.  It started at 9 A.M. 

When we left at 8 this morning, it was 45 degrees and cloudy, but no rain.  I put on many layers of clothing, and I didn't get too unbearably cold on the way to Kansas City.

Cliff was the only one taking the class with a rider aboard.  We paid $100 for Cliff and $30 for me.  Every time we got ready to learn a new maneuver, one of the teachers would demonstrate the course on his Gold Wing.  And since Cliff had a rider aboard, the teacher took a rider along to show us that it could be done with a rider.

The class would do a couple of things on the course, then we'd spend a half-hour or so in the classroom discussing things and listening to the teachers.

I found out there are things I can do, as a rider, to help Cliff.

Unlike lots of things we've done on the Gold Wing, I won't say this was fun.  It was work.  I was in school all day and I feel like it!  Cliff and a couple of other fellows agreed that it had been a "humbling experience".

Here are some things I learned:

The number one place motorcycle wrecks occur is at intersections.  These accidents usually involve other vehicles.

The number two place where motorcycle wrecks occur is on curves; these usually do not involve any other vehicle.  The person riding the motorcycle missed the curve.

46% of all motorcycle accidents involve alcohol.  So you can almost double your chances of avoiding an accident if you don't ride your bike under the influence of alcohol.  Well, that's one thing in mine and Cliff's favor.

You have to wonder what sort of idiot would get on a motorcycle under the influence, anyhow.

I feel so educated now.

In answer to my daughter's question:  Yes, we both agree it was worth the money.


fierrorachel said...

But, was it worth the money?

marainey1 said...

It sounds like a good class and too bad many others don't take it too.  Most highway accidents are something no one sees any way to be a little more aware helps for sure.  I can never see why any one drives under the influence...but they do.  Glad the rain stayed away for you.  'On Ya' - ma

madcobug said...

Good thing for you two to do. We have a friend that a deer ran out if front of him and his wife on their bike. Fortunaltely they were just scratched up but a lot of damage was done to the bike. They were lucky.  He drives a Honda. Helen

lanurseprn said...

That's a great thing for you two to do.

breakaway1968 said...

What a fun thing for you and hubby to do together!  I really  miss our bike, we had such fun on it!